Heavens Blade 4

"Allow me to show you the might of the Heaven's Blade in my hands. As I send you to a one way trip to the Netherworld!"

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" Liu Bei using the Sacred Fist Style"
Kana 神聖術
Romaji Shinsei-Jutsu
Other Names Sacred Art
Type Techniques
Forms Various
Abilities Chi Manipulation
Wielder(s) Liu Bei

Shinsei-Jutsu (lit. Holy Arts) a combat technique in The Magic Knight.


Shinsei-Jutsu is a combat technique originating from China, this is similar yet different from Senjutsu, it still stretches the importance of the original source of power that flows in one's spirit, in other words, their life-force and they turn it into a constant current. The user can reinforce their physical bodies granting them near superhuman strength and this also grants them the ability to harm evil spirits, creatures and being corrupted by darkness. 


Shinsei-Jutsu is the power to control their own flow of life-energy by controlling the flow of their own chi, a person can strengthen their physical bodies. The users of Shinsei-Jutsu can not only cause harm to their opponent's external bodies but also their internal organs. By channeling chi into their fists, they can also fire off compressed blasts of energy to cause damage to even creatures who don't possess a physical body. A master of Seijutsu could also be capable of creating a massive shockwave by just releasing their fist.


Sacred Gate Eight Extremities Fist: Are highly advanced techniques that are employed on by the high-level members of the Order of the Sacred Fists. The users are able to channel ki throughout their bodies. These attacks are more destructive and can deal both physical along with internal damage to their opponent's body.


  • Seijutsu is based off the ability of Rana Linchen from Freezing.