Plot Edit

After Riser's defeat at the hands of Issei in Volume 2, Shirou won a previously set wager between them, granting Shirou half of Riser's servants as his own, thus giving Shirou the early opportunity to begin building his Peerage. So far, the only two revealed members are Isabela, Riser's former Rook, and Ravel Phenex, Riser's younger sister and former Bishop.

Members Edit

Shirou Fujimura (King) (Queen)
A Second Year student at Kuoh Academy and the protagonist of Vanishing Dragon of Leviathan, Shirou is described as the "White Knight of Kuoh Academy". He is also a half-blood Devil and the great-grandson of Satan and is referred to as "Satan's Heir".
Ravel Phenex(Bishop) (Bishop)
Ravel Phenex - Profile Pic Infobox
Riser's younger sister who was a part of his peerage until his Rating Game with Rias Gremory. Following Riser's defeat, Ravel enforced the conditions of a wager between Shirou and Riser, becoming Shirou's (albeit unofficially until Shirou becomes a High-Class Devil and gets his Evil PIeces) Bishop.
(Knight) (Knight)
Isabela (Rook) (Rook)
Ravel Phenex - Profile Pic Infobox-0
Isabela is Riser's former Rook, having volunteered to join Shirou's Peerage after Shirou won his wager with Riser. Despite being in her late teens to early twenties, she took the identity of a Second Year student so she could be in Issei's class.

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