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Silvia Lucifuge
Knight of Lucifer
Kana シルビア・ルキフグス
Romaji Shirubia Rukifugusu
Race Pure-Blooded Devil
Nicknames Knight of Lucifer
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Silver
Personal Status
Relatives Grayfia Lucifuge (Cousin)
Euclid Lucifuge (Cousin)
Affiliations Extra Demon
Old Maou Faction
Khaos Brigade
Status Alive
Ranking Ultimate-Class Devil
Silvia Lucifuge, is the cousin of Grayfia Lucifuge and Euclid Lucifuge. She is a loyal servant of Xavier Nemesis Lucifer, and is known as the Knight of Lucifer. She is one of the main antagonists of Highschool DxD: The King of Lions.

Appearance Edit

Silvia looks a lot like her cousin, Grayfia, except she does not have her silver hair braided.

In most of her appearances, she is seen wearing silver robes and a battle uniform.

Personality Edit

Like her master, she has a serious personality and is ruthless towards her enemies. Like her cousin, Euclid, she also follows the law of the Lucifuge clan to obey the Lucifer's lineage as she's loyal to Xavier Nemesis Lucifer. She also shares Xavier's ideals of what a "Devil" should be, believing that it is their job to be evil, manipulative, brutal and ruthless.

History Edit

Like her cousins, Silvia was part of the Old Maou Faction but disappeared during the final battle between the Old Maou Faction and the Anti-Maou Faction and was presumed dead. She later swore her loyalty to Xavier, whom she believed to be the true heir of Lucifer.

Plot Edit


Powers & Abilities Edit

Immense Demonic Powers: As Xavier's personal bodyguard, Silvia is extremely powerful. Her powers rivals that of a Satan-Class Devil. According to Grayfia, she is stronger than her and she is on par with the Four Great Satans.

Flight: Being a Devil, Silvia can fly using her wings.

Trivia Edit

  • Silvia's appearance is based off of Karasuba from Sekirei.

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