Race Demon
Nicknames Siren
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Hazel brown
Equipment Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations A being named it
Status Active
Ranking Unknown

"Just give me a moment, I'll fix this in no time."

This article, Siren, is under construction, and I'm fully aware that, if it's not updated in a week, the admins has the permission to erase it.

"Aw... is the little girl pissed? So tell me: was he your friend~?"
-Siren taunting Irina - The High school Of Monster Arc Pt.1 Edit

Appearance Edit

Siren is a very pale skin demon, his hair color is blond and his eye color is hazel brown, he wears baggy shorts, brown sandals and a black sleeveless black shirt.


He first appears in chapter one stalking Issei and his parents. He lures Issei down a alleyway with a cat meowing, which put Issei in a trance like state. He activated his nexus and dragged the family in.

He appeared in front of the family, and quickly dispatched the parents. He stabbed a hole

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