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You don't have to be afraid anymore. I will protect you! I will die for you-- wait, that sounds bad. I will make them die for you.

–Sora to Diana, after promising that he will protect her from her pursuers

Sora Kurogami
Kana 黒神 空
Romaji Kurokami (Kurogami) Sora
Race Human
Hair Color Black with white fringe
Eye Color Red
Equipment Reaper
Personal Status
Status Alive
Sora Kurogami is a male human and one of two main protagonists of the Deus Lex story.


Sora is young man with pale skin. His hair is black, except the white fringe. His right eye is red.

He has some sort of eyepatch hiding his left eye. Outside the eyepatch stretches the scar, down to the side of mouth.

Sora's preferable attire is a dark sleeveless coat, with his arms tied in bandages. He also wears necklaces with cross, one on neck, and two long ones, one for a single arm.


Sora has very strange personality, usually showing this with his emotionless glance. He doesn't care very much about the world, as he prefers to sit in his house and maintain his calm life. He is somewhat cynical and distrustful, but can believe people if he has strong evidences to do it. To those he shows softer side, thinking about their well-being and emotions. He shows this in a cold-logical manner, though. He can be even humorous in some moments, although he has black sense of humor, sometimes even frightening people with that rather than making them laugh.

Sora is also very honest, but can be deceitful to enemies, and not only. He doesn't care much about opinions of him personally, because he only wants to accomplish his objectives.

After spending some time with Diana, he becomes more human, showing emotions more often, to a surprise of people who knows him.

He seems to genuinely care about Diana, and becomes something like a guardian to her. He's still oblivious to her feelings, and that expands to other people around him, seeing them only as allies, hardly understanding the concept of friendship and love for himself.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Reaper (リーパ, Rīpa): One of Sora's two pistols. It is nearly entirely black, with its name carved on the surface. As Sora says, it is "mainly for humans".

Reaver (リーバー, Rībā): One of Sora's two pistols. It is entirely silver, with its name carved on the surface. As Sora says, it is "for other scums", while thinking about races other than humans, mainly devils and fallen angels.

Malesvard (マレスワルド, Maresuwarudo, lit. Cursed Blade) is a Vorpal sword with black blade, "erasing the very existence of the defiled".


  • His name, Sora, means Sky.
    • The Kanji of his name, , can be used as a short for Emptiness.
  • His surname, Kurogami (Kurokami), means Black God

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