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"Fear me, for I am the darkness that lies in the abyss"

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Birds of a feather flock together

–His second appearance in Life 6

Sora Lockhart
Kana 洛克哈特空
Romaji そらのロックハート
Race Demigod (half human and half God)
Nicknames "Leaf in the Floating Wind" and "Crow"(Ichiro's Nickname for him)
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color green
Equipment Multiple Guns

Turtle-Duck Familiar

Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Mother (deceased) and Aeolus (father)
Affiliations Ichiro Lucifer
Status Alive
Ranking Low Class Demigod

Sora Lockhart is a main male protagonist appearing in Heavenly Dragon Kings Rebirth. He is considered Ichiro's main rival and best friend with the two wanting to have the strongest fight in history when they both get stronger.

He is the son of one of the Aeolus wind Gods although he doesn't know which one but hates all three of them due to his mother getting killed and allowing him to live in a orphanage.

He enrolls in Kuoh Academy as a 2nd year student wanting to keep an eye on Ichiro after his first appearance. He has a unique power which allows him to control and summon crows and can use them to attack his opponents which is why Ichiro nicknames him "Crow".

Appearance Edit

Sora is a sixteen year old handsome male and is 5'8 and has a lean and skinny body type. He usually is seen with a goofy grin or a smirk on his face.

During school hours he wears the full Kuoh Academy male uniform which consists of: a black blazer with white accents over a white, long-sleeved button-down shirt with vertical linings, a black ribbon on the collar, matching black pants, and brown dress shoes.

But most of time time in the series he wears a white dress shirt (with the top button unbuttoned) a green tie, black coat with a high collar, white gloves, black pants and black dress shoes. Issei even describes him as a "Dark Kiba" due to what he mainly wears.

Personality Edit

Sora at first sight appears to be a flamboyant play boy with a bad boy attitude who is overly flirtatious and dramatic but after meeting him he has a goofy, laid back, and calm personality which causes him to be compared to Sirzechs. Most of the time he tries to avoid confrontation, trying to solve his problems by talking but when that fails he will eventually fight.

He shows a dislike for other demi-Gods saying that most of them were excessively arrogant and outright stupid because they believed they were stronger than most of the pure-blooded Gods and Buddahs. Although, he reveals that he worked with a organizaton called the "God Slayers" a organization made up of powerful Demi-Gods working for the Khaos Brigade because he needed to get information on the vampires who killed his mother.

Sora constantly refers to himself as "Ichiro's Sensei" or his father figure despite only being one year and one grade older. Sora plays a guitar and forces Ichiro to sing around Kuoh Academy which causes the two to get noticed by the Kuoh Academy students. Sora also is the one who can handle Ichiro when he's being angry or goes out of control. Sora likes to push authority (most of the time Rias's and Sona's) button. By one time throwing a school wide paint ball fight royale and he even locks the fence around Kuoh Academy, forcing Sona and Rias to participate. Sora also is shown to prank the school's head master constantly even throwing a school concert during the school day after having him locked in the school closet.

Sora has a hatred of vampires due to them killing his mother and a hatred of the Gods who impregnate "lesser" beings and leaves them with a kid to raise on their own. Sora's hatred of vampires is shown to stem from his mother's death and he even refuses to accept vampires like Gasper and Yukina until after he meets them and can begin to trust them. He is kind and care about the crows he summons shown when he refuses to use his crow ability sometimes because he knows it will result in the death of the crows.

It is revealed that Sora feels partially responsible for what happened to Ichiro due to leaving in the dead of night when they were both in the orphanage. It is also revealed that Sora had been trying to track Ichiro down for years but he had been unable to find him while he was in Amelia's custody.

History Edit

He knew he was a demigod because of his mom telling him. At young age he recognized his wind abilities and ability to summon and call on crows. His mom told him how he was the son of a Aeolus wind God that left after impregnating her.

His mom was a vampire hunter and was famously known as "The Empress of the Mountains", a powerful nickname she had gained for being such a strong human with above average power. One night when he was five, a army of vampires came and killed her right in front of him but they couldn't find him because he used his ability to turn into crows to hide in a nearby tree in front of his home. After that incident he began hating vampires and his dad for not protecting him and his mom.

Due to having no parents he was placed in the same orphanage as Ichiro but unlike Ichiro the kids feared him. Tired of the kids always bullying Ichiro he takes him under his wings and can tell Ichiro he is special like him because "he can sense it off him". After one of his and Ichiro's childhood friend was adopted, Sora decides to leave and starts his mission to find the vampires that killed his mother by becoming a vampire hunter.Sora reveals that he was keeping track of Ichiro for quite some time, using sources to know of his whereabouts, during the night he murdered his master and fled to Kuoh, Sora grew worried after learning the rumors about Ichiro from a source in the Underworld, after learning he became a servant of Serafall from his Underworld source, he decides to go to Kuoh since the trail to find his mother's murderer ran cold.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Demigod Physiology: Due to his father being a Demigod, Sora possesses teh physiology of a demigod which comes with enhanced senses, strength, speed, and power that is above a human. Due to his father being a high class God, Sora is immune to the evil pieces and brave Saint system.

  • Aerokinesis: His main ability, the ability to manipulate air that he gained from his father, one of the three Aeolus wind God. He has the ability to create tornadoes, whirlwind, ans can even create a wall or barrier of wind to defend himself. Sora is also capable of blowing out a large gust of wind that can blow his opponent away.
  • Telekinesis: Due to being a demigod, Sora possesses telekinesis to a small degree, which allows him to manipulate objects of 200 pounds or lower. He is also shown to be capable of giving someone a migraine but it is revealed that he needs intense concentration to do so. When using telekinesis he can only use it on one person at a time.
  • Sora is capable of flight by manipulating the air around his body. He can also increase his speed by manipulating the wind around him which makes him as fast as the wind.

Crow Connection: He has an unusual connection with crows being able to call upon them and summon a army of crows in mere seconds but refuses against this if he knows it will result in their death.

  • Another ability he possesses rooted with his connection with crows is the ability to turn into a flock of crows.

Language Adaption: He possesses the ability to learn any language through the use of kissing a person who speaks the language most likely due to his demigod trait.

Supernatural sense: Sora has the ability to sense the supernatural trait off of someone evidence when he knew Ichiro was a supernatural creature just like him.

High Intelligence: Sora reveals himself to be highly intelligent, being able to construct a wide range of weapons from guns to swords. He is also a very great chess player, due to his strategic mind, despite him saying he's not even trying he was capable of beating Rias but loses to Sona often.

  • Azazel reveals that Sora inherited this from his mother, who was said to be as intelligent and wise as Gods and Goddesses. Azazel explains that his mother used to play board games like shougi with Amaterasu and Poseidon who she defeated often.

Equipment Edit

Guns: After he moves to Kuoh he takes advantage of the basement in the Student Council Room turning it into a base to build weapons but he uses it to build guns that have bullets infused with magic from Rias, Akeno, Sona, and other members of the student council. He uses numerous types of guns with his most popular gun being his gun-blade that he an use to combat sword users like Kiba and Ichiro along with maintaining his ability to shoot bullets. 

  • The bullets made from Rias's energy are shown to be highly destructive, covering themselves in red and black aura and attacking the opponent with a highly destructive aura (because of their highly destructive nature he can only use her bullets in shot guns). The bullets made from Akeno's magic are shown to be electrical. From Sona's the bullets freeze on contact with their target. And from Tsubaki or the other members of the student council, the bullets are made with a wide arrange of different magic which uses a variety of different types of elemental magic. 
  • During the Training for the fight with Riser's peerage, Sora learns how to infuse Asia's healing magic into b.b. gun bullets which will heal the person to a small degree when they impact.
    • His familiar
    • His familiar (Human Form)

Motorcycle: He has his own motorcycle which he drives (despite not having a license).

Turtle duck familiar: Being a demigod he is eligible to receive a familiar from the familiar forest and he chooses a turtle duck with the ability to turn into a small girl with curly orange hair that can bend water.


Pocket Dimension: Not a weapon but more like a bag of holding where Sora can hold all his equipment. Rias made it for him after he requested it. He designed his pocket dimension to be like a R.P.G menu screen.

Quotes Edit

  • "Birds of a feather flock together" -His catchphrase first said in Life 3

Trivia Edit

  • Originally he was supposed to join Rias's peerage (as Issei's replacement) but after considering it I decided against it. He was also supposed to be a ordinary human who had the boosted gear.
  • Sora is a name meaning "sky" in Japanese which is a reference to his wind demigod side.

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