Amida's 1000-arm Death Embrace

The first user of this technique on the "1,000 Arm Murderer" Sacred Gear

Soul Override is a cheat in the sacred gear system. It allows a person to manifest the spirit within a sacred gear for a short period of time.

Summary Edit

This technique is described as a very dangerous override in the system of the bible because it allows a person to summon the spirit or soul inside the sacred gear. With this the person could release the spirit of the Heavenly Dragons or other beings which could potentially destroy the Earth.

Azazel describes this as the Ultimate cheat in God's system because it breaks the seal itself that God placed on the sacred gears with beings trapped inside of them.

Abilities Edit

The Soul Override is the most powerful manifestation within the sacred gears but is also described as the most dangerous. It allows the person to summon the soul of the being inside the sacred gear by taking a specific stance.

Stance Edit

The technique is activated when the user takes a specific stance with their left hand making a half-ram and then extending their right hand down with his palm parallel to the ground. Once the stance is taken, the spirit of the sacred gear is summoned to defend the user, or attack their enemies.

Weakness Edit

There are two different weaknesses inside this ability- The first one is that the person cannot move and has to take a specific stance in order for this to work or it could cause the spirit to disappear making it up to the spirit to protect their host's body.

The second is that the person can only use it for one minute max or they could risk brain damage which could cause madness, permanent paralysis or destroying their sacred gear all together which could cause them to die.

Forms Edit

There are two different forms to this technique called Sacred Gear Override or Spiritual Oversoul.

Sacred gear override is when you summon the soul or spirit within the sacred gear physically manifesting it to attack their enemies. This is the most common one and the spirit gains all their abilities and power as if they were alive.

Spiritual oversoul is for special cases that have a spirit/soul trapped inside of their bodies. This is the least common which summons the spirit to attack their opponent giving it a physical body like Sacred gear override.

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