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Stardust Cell
Stardust cell
The core generating energy
Kana スタッダスト・セア
Romaji Sutaddasuto Sea
Other Names Power Generator Core
Type Support-type Sacred Gear
Artificial Sacred Gear
Forms Orb
Apocalypse Fantasy Generator
Abilities Shoot lasers
Stardust Cell (スタッダスト・セア; Sutaddasuto Sea); also known as the Power Generator Core, is an artifical, support-type Sacred Gear created by the fallen angel Alcor.

Summary Edit

Just like its sibling King Maker, Stardust Cell was created after Alcor looked into his master's research, but unlike the former, it was created by gathering the abilities of different artificial Sacred Gear.

Abilities Edit

Stardust Cell can release energy from its core such as laser rays, heat burst and plasma shoots. The orb itself is eternally hobering around the wielder like if it was aware on its own, but reacts to the mental commands given. It can also project a shield of energy to defend if necessary.

Forms Edit

The Sacred Gear has a form that reminds of an eyeball. It is a core made out of pure energy, surrounded by a metallic shell just like the iris and the sclera of a regular eye.

Apocalypse Fantasy Generator Edit

Apocalypse Fantasy Generator (アッパッカリップス・ファンタスィー・ジェナーエイター; Appakkarippusu Fantasii Jenaaeitaa); also known as the Factory of the Thousand Minions, is the Balance Breaker form of Stardust Cell. Upon activation, the Sacred Gear takes the form of a rubix cube, which appears to me holographic in nature. It has the ability to spawn the original version of the Sacred Gear as many times as the wielder is capable of, with a single function each one of its original version when it "shuffles".

Trivia Edit

  • The image was taken from the Ganbare gun from Deadman Wonderland
  • The Sacred Gear itself was based on Eye of Dashi, a Shen Gong Wu from the show Xiaolin Showdown and The Twins,a boss in the game Terraria
  • The Balance Breaker form is based off the Mastermind class from the game Elsword