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The suggestion box


Berolina Gremory, Volume 7; Rina's Box.

The Suggestion Box Club(目安箱部; Meyasu bako-bu) is an official club in Kuoh academy, formed during the events of Volume 7 in Highschool DxD: Яe-birth. A branch from Serena Sitri's student council, as the name suggests, the club's main purpose is to read suggestions, critiques, praises and messages from students' le placed inside the suggestion box and, under the student council's permission, take action. The club became the main base of Operation of Berolina Gremory's peerage, and as such was nicknamed the Proto-Occult Research club(プロトオカルト研究部; Puroto-okaruto kenkyū-bu.).

Summary Edit

After the events of the "Miyama Runaway" arc, admitting that her younger sister had matured enough in order to both take care of her own peerage and life, Nemesis Gremory allowed the creation of Berolina's very own Club some time during Volume 6 and Volume 7. Although not what she was expecting, Berolina Gremory and her peerage took ownership of said club, which is a branch of Serena Sitri's own student council.

Overview Edit

Yeah, it's not a very noble club, but at least we're doing something. Unlike the former ORC or that KOC club...

Ichijou Tsukino

The club, as the name suggests, is the one taking care of the Student council's own Suggestion box, a small dojo-like box with a hole on the top which students can write their complaints, requests, opinions about Kuoh's staff and, mainly, suggestions and put them inside for the members to read and, under Serena's permission, take proper action and help.

The club has the permission to ignore certain jobs and requests, but most of the time they take every each of them for granted, and also have the permission to charge for their service, although charitable chores is not unheard of. Since they're linked to the student council, members have the permission to enter certain places in Kuoh where other students can't, such as the teachers' lounge.

However, the club has no exception regarding classes, as members are not excused for faults unless permitted by the student council or a teacher.

Appearance Edit

The club takes place in a vacant regular classroom in the second floor of Kuoh academy, not very far from the Student council's office.

The inside of the classroom is also like any other classroom. The seats, however, are arranged in way that there are two rows of six seats facing each other symmetrically, with a thirteenth seat taking the edge and a white board. Since the participation of Whiswain into the club, there's also a large carton box next to the corner of the room for her to hide when distressed.

Members Edit

Ichijou Tsukino(President) Berolina Gremory(Vice-president)

The unofficial president of the club and the current holder of the Boosted Gear, making him the Red Dragon Emperor of this generation. As president, he's the one who usually reads the letters inside the suggestion box, as well as deem them as either ignored or accepted. He's usually requested for laboriel requests and investigation.

The vice-president descendant of the Gremory clan and one of the ascending school idols. Berolina's job is to be the link between the club and the student council, while also accepting requests as either a model for the arts club or tutoring. Since her ascending as a sports star, she's also asked to be the reserve player of sport events.

Tasha Campbell Liu Bei(teacher adviser)

A second-year student of Kuoh and transferred student from Ireland, Tasha also serves as a model for hire for the Arts club, as well as chores for the school ground, such as organizer, gardening and teacher's helper. Due to her intellect, she's requested also for tournament training for chess and other mind games.

The teacher-adviser for the club is a human raised in the Jade palace. Being a teacher, she's requested mainly for tutoring and panelist, since her position actually limits the chores she can do in order to avoid scandals. As teacher adviser, she also serves as the link between the club and the school staff, with the permission to punish students who write inappropriate requests in the box.

Whiswain(Treasurer) Yoko Akabane(Unnoficial member)

The newest member of Berolina's peerage and student of Kuoh, Whiswain is mainly used as a shoulder for female students to cry on and also requested by males students to give advice. Since she rarely leaves the club classroom, she's also the treasurer of it with Liu Bei, controlling the club's finances and business with headmistress Nemesis for it's survival and debt-paying.

The mascot of the club. The petite first-year student who's actually a nine-tailed fox and leader of the kanto supernatural faction. She serves as an extra member and second advisor, as well as the link of the club and the youkai faction of Kanto.

Popularity Edit

Having two of the most popular girls of Kuoh, plus one of the most popular teachers and a cute mascot, the club is very well-known among the students of Kuoh, who're not afraid to drop several requests, complaints, suggestions or critiques into the club's box. Since even teachers are willing to drop their own letters, the members of the club see themselves drowning in paper sometimes.

Financially, the suggestion box club is one of the wealthiest clubs due to the massive request demanding and their permission to charge for their service, even though they do it out of charity as well. However, they only stay with a small part of the final results, since headmistress Shizuka controls the entering of money to cover the collateral damage on Kuoh academy.

Trivia Edit

  • The club is mainly based on the initial concept of Medaka Box.
  • Ironically, the first requests were about the damages Berolina's group themselves made on the school during Volume 1.
  • Despite being the president of it, Ichijou is usually the least active member of the club, mainly for being the sole male, and as such, not much as requested as his girls.
  • Ironically enough, the club's location is also next to the janitor's closet, the group's (temporary) base of operations in the first volume.

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