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Sword Gear
Kana 消滅の剣ソオド ギアア
Romaji Sōdo Giaa
Other Names Sword of Annihilation

Dear Sword (By Giichi, Formerly)
Sword-chan (By Giichi, Only Once)
Sword (By Giichi)

Type Rephaite Class, Sword Type Annihilation Gear
Abilities Breakdown
Basic Slash
Godly Slashes
Yòu Dòu
Wielder(s) Giichi

Sword Gear, also know as [Sword of Annihilation], is a Rephaite Class, Sword Type Annihilation Gear.


[Sword Gear], also know as [Sword of Annihilation], is a Sword Type Annihilation Gear, which takes the form of a sword, and takes the form of an armor, once its Breakdown is activated. [Sword Gear is], too, a Top-Class Annihilation Gear, making it a [Rephaite].


[Sword] has the appearance of a very long, sharp, Katana, with thorns out of all the sword, execpt the hilt. The sword's color is a combination of the following three colors: Light red, light blonde, and white.


When [Breakdown] is activated, [Sword Gear] becomes to a sword and an armor. [Sword]'s under [Breakdown]'s activation's armor's form is like this: A helmetless Tatami armor, with a few thorns out of the gloves, and also out from the part that covers the legs. Its color is a combination of the following four colors: Dark blonde, dark grey, black, and white.

The appearance of [Sword]'s "main body", however, doesn't change.

Yòu DòuEdit

When [Yòu Dòu] is activated, [Sword]'s appearance changes into that of a Human. That of a handsome man, whose age seems to be about mid-twenties. That man is tall, about 195 centimeters. And he is white-skinned, too. His hair is long, silver-colored, hair.



Breakdown: An ability, similar to the Sacred Gear's Balance Breaker, yet, in the same time, it has a chant, making it similar to the Sacred Gear's Juggernaut Drive. Anymore information hasn't been given. Sword Gear's chant is:

O sword! O dear sword! Sacrifices are to be, made and given.

And thou, dear sword, annihilate and vaporize! Give my [Dream] its [Realize]!

And for thou, dear sword, I shall give the whole world!

And thou, dear sword, shall make me thy [Lord]!

Basic SlashEdit

[Basic Slash]: A basic slash. As shown, it was very strong, as Giichi said it wasn't his power alone.

Godly SlashesEdit

[Godly Slashes]: Very similar to [Basic Slash]. Although, Godly Slashes is a much stronger. Godly Slashes is basically just [Basic Slash] on an upper level.

Yòu DòuEdit

[Yòu Dòu]: [Sword]'s strongest attack shown up until now. It releases the being sealed in the [Annihilation Gear].


[Annihilation]: An attack of the other soul that is sealed inside [Sword Gear]. It shoots out a lot of [Light Spear]'s.


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