Sword of Heaven
Sword of heaven
Kana 天の剣
Romaji Ten'notsurugi
Other Names Heavenly Sword

Holy Sword Yitian

Type Holy Sword
Abilities Can cut through any being it touches, even gods.
Wielder(s) Cao Cao (Original Wielder)
The Sword of Heaven, also known as the Heavenly Sword and the Holy Sword Yitian (Trust in Heaven), is a Holy Sword forged by Cao Cao during the Later Han Dynasty. It is one of the only weapons that can kill a god and one of the three Holy Swords of China.

Summary Edit

During the Later Han Dynasty, Cao Cao had two blades forged for his use. His personal blade was the Sword of Heaven. He had then asked for the blessing of making his blade able to cut through any being, mortal or immortal. One day, while the blade was left out, Byakko Kenchin granted the Hero's wish and blessed the blade with his Smith's blessing. From then on, Cao Cao kept the sword close to him and was able to slay any who dared to kill him. He would later discovered that, although the sword could slay any creature, it couldn't cut metals stronger than the one it was made out of.

After Cao Cao's death, the blade was placed with his corpse in his tomb and remained there for centuries. Eventually, the Four Sacred Beasts of China saw the weapon as a threat to the Chinese Pantheon and brought it to their treasure vault, where they sealed it away from anyone's use.

Appearance Edit

The entire weapon is a rapier-type sword forged from silver and iron. The blade has two slight points spreading out from the middle and the arm-guard has two curved guards. The hilt is layered and meant to be held by one hand. The sheath is black with gold adornments and wrapped around by a tannish, red-and-black-striped cloth with ropes.

Abilities Edit

The blade has the unique ability of cutting any creature that has life, including creatures from other realms. Being one of the only swords of its kind, the Sword of Heaven is labeled as one of the most dangerous Holy Swords in existence and anyone who has it is a danger to all beings, superior or inferior. Even the likes of Gods and Buddhas are vulnerable to the blade's power and require a weapon to protect themselves. It is also very durable as it lasted for centuries in a confined space after Cao Cao died.

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon is based off of the Sword of Heaven, utilized by Cao Cao in the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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