Sword of Light
Sword of light
Kana 光の剣
Romaji Hikarinotsurugi
Other Names Shining Sword

Holy Sword Qinggang

Type Holy Sword
Abilities Can cut through any material it comes across including weaker Holy Swords.
Wielder(s) Cao Cao (Original Wielder)

Xiahou En (Sword Bearer)

Zhao Yun

The Sword of Light, also known as the Shining Sword and the Holy Sword Qinggang (Blue Light), is a Holy Sword forged by Cao Cao during the Later Han Dynasty and one of the three Holy Swords of China.

Summary Edit

Just as with the creation of the Sword of Heaven, the Sword of Light was forged by Cao Cao. Unlike its twin, however, Cao Cao asked for this sword to be blessed with the ability to cut through any material it came across. Once again, Byakko Kenchin returned and blessed the weapon to be able to cut through any material.

During the Battle of Chang Ban, Cao Cao gave the sword to his Sword Bearer Xiahou En and, during the battle, was taken by Zhao Yun after the general slew the bearer with ease. From then on, the sword was held by Zhao Yun until his death, where the blade was sheathed into his grave as a tombstone. Centuries later, the sword was buried under dirt and sand and was confiscated by the Four Sacred Beasts of China. It too was locked away in their treasure vault along with the Sword of Heaven, as both blades were too powerful to be left alone.

Appearance Edit

The sword is of a blue metal. The blade is single-edged with a slight indent on the back of it. The arm-guard appears to be three blue strands expelling out of each side with a jewel in the middle. The hilt is a dark blue with a blue strand wrapped around it and a crystal at the end of it. The sheath is also blue and curved towards the opening.

Abilities Edit

Like other Holy Swords, this weapon can slay devils, fallen angels, and demons of all kinds. As stated before, the Sword of Light also has the unique ability to cut through any material it hits. This includes weaker Holy swords not on par with Excalibur, Durandal, and Caliburn. Due to this power, many believe that this, along with the Sword of Heaven, is one of the most dangerous weapons in existence.

Trivia Edit

  • This sword is based off of the Sword of Light, utilized by Zhao Yun in the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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