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With the introduction of Rating Game, more than 1000 High-Class Devils competed for fame and glory of attaining the championship. But even within that glorious history, there is still a group that can without fail be called the "strongest" - a generation of 10 young devils with both talents and powers that you would see once every few centuries called the "Ten Emperors"

–- Description of the Ten Emperors.

The Ten Emperors is a term named during the Post-Devil's Civil Wars era, where the promotions of uses of Evil Pieces were introduced. As the Rating Games & Evil Pieces were introduced, there were interview to describe the top 10 strongest young devils of their generation. They all possess extraordinary powers and abilities, making them all runner-ups to become important figures and models in the Underworld Society. Some are also considered to become the next generation of Satans as well. As is the case, they are regarded as mix of "prodigies" and also "problem children" due to their unique personalities who doesn't share the view of the old ways. They appeared between the end of the Conflicting Age of Three Factions and the beginning of the Age of Three Factions Alliance.

Some of them are heirs to their clans with the exception of Geist, where he was "executed" by the government while others are considered heretics and disgrace to the Underworld due to their mixed-blood heritages and former member of the Old-Satan Faction. To make it more interesting, they were all schoolmates and great friends to one another, creating a friendly and competitive rivalry with, with the most hated by all the being Geist D. Pheles from both nobles and government officials for his extremist and liberalistic view of the High-Class Devils and nobles as worthless peons who only valued traditions and social status.

Below the emperors are the generation known as "The Ten Uncrowned Kings", who are considered as the candidates for the right to taking on the throne of the emperor's seat for themselves. But, due to their various reasons such as entering semi-retirement and doing important duties to the Underworld, they'll only challenge whenever they feel like it.

Current Members: Edit

Diehauser Belial - 1st, Current Rating Game Champion

Leonhardt Pheles - 2rd Ranker of Rating Game

Roygun Belphegor - 3rd Ranker of Rating Game

Druik Zagen - 4th Ranker of Rating Game

Ky Agares - 5h Ranker of Rating Game

Gaius Amon - 6th Ranker of Rating Game

Aden D. Bael - 7th Ranker of Rating Game

Muzak Decarabia - 8th Ranker of Rating Game

Marcellus Stolas - 9th Ranker of Rating Game

Titus Barbatos - 10th Ranker of Rating Game

The Ten Uncrowned Kings Edit

Elizabeth Focalor - 11th Ranker of Rating Game, Formerly members of the Emperors before her marriage with Marcellus Stolas.

Tannin - 12th Ranker of Rating Game

Ruval Phenex - 13th Ranker of Rating Game

Frederick Valefor - 14th Ranker of Rating Game

Reagan Belphegor - 15h Ranker of Rating Game

Former Members Edit

Bedeze Abaddon - Former 3rd Ranker of Rating Game, Lost to Leonhardt Pheles.

Geist D. Pheles - Former 6th Ranker of Rating Game, Stripped of title for treason and crimes against the underworld.

Vintes D. Lucifer - Former 5th Ranker of Rating Game, Stripped of title for treason and crimes against the underworld.

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