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The Blade Tainted By the Devil King's Blood
Kana テルミナス
Romaji Teruminasu
Other Names For Another's Triumph (former)
Type Demonic Sword
Forms Nodachi (former)
Abilities Devil Slaying Properties
Near Indestructibility
Cursed Sharpness
Wielder(s) Kazan
To think such a blasphemous sword could be born…

Terminus, the Blade Tainted By the Devil King's Blood, is a Demonic Sword that chose Kazan as its wielder. A blade cursed by a King's blood, it is granted immense sharpness and tremendous power.


Its birth was something never meant to be, its existence a blasphemy that was supposed to be erased by the annals of time. However, when this demonic blade rended the flesh of a Devil King's blood, the sword's fate as a True Demonic Sword had been sealed.



For Another's Triumph

It resembles a nodachi in design, but the similarities stop there. The malefic ichor of the Devil King's kin slain with this blade had long encroached itself into the blade's very anatomy, demonizing it into the state it's in now. Its once silver luster darkened into a crimson pattern reminisce of damascus steel, claw-like protrusions form into a demented guard, and curved horns line up to make a dangerous pommel.

Originally, before its corruption, it appeared as a nameless nodachi lacking a tsuba.


Devil Slaying Properties: Despite its status as a Demonic Sword, Terminus gained this ability through an action that is already blasphemous in its definition; deicide. Kazan slew a descendant of Satan, a revered devil of primordial times who was worshipped as the First Devil and whose power is equal to God, and the blade evolved in a course of time into its current state. 

Near Indestructibility: Before its corruption, it was already strong enough to withstand several clashes of strength without the blade chipping or denting. It was only reinforced further after its evolution.

Cursed Sharpness: It did not have this trait initially. However, the amount of Wrath that was imbued into the sword after that fateful day was unbearable to the point that the sword itself changed appearance, and it translated itself through the edge. Wrath has a way of cutting into and through even the coldest and warmest of hearts, and the Devil that represented Wrath, Satan's blood was a physical venom that carried on into his blood descendants.


  • The original draft was that Terminus is Akatsuki's Sacred Gear, but it did not mesh well.