O thee who would wield my power... Stand tall, and draw thy blade. Now is the time to prove thyself worthy.

–Edeas, the Azure Soul

The Azure Soul
Tumblr njq9l8PHhK1rpsmato2 500
Race Unknown
Nicknames The Blue Monarch
Harbinger of Life
The Embodiment of Free Will
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Spear of Equilibrium
Personal Status
Relatives The Ebony Soul (counterpart)
Affiliations Neutral
Status Active
Ranking God(?)
The Azure Soul, also known by the name Edeas, is a key figure and major character in the story, "Highschool DxD: King's Conquest." A being as old as time itself, Edeas is the physical manifestation of all living creature's will to live, and represents free will given physical form. It, alongside the Christian God of the Bible, and Erequas, the Ebony Soul, are known as the Wills of Divine Providence.

Appearance Edit

As a being that represents free will and life, the Azure Soul appears as a mechanical being, with large bulky legs made of steel with bolts sticking out from the front, whereas the upper part resembles a humanoid body, bearing slender arms, but still retains a mechanical form, along with crimson flames wreathed all around the torso, lapping about like a cape, and a pair of sharp, blade-like wings from it's shoulders. It has flaming blue hair, and piercing blue eyes, and hardly ever shows any emotion. It carries it's Spear of Equilibrium wherever it roams, a symbol of it's existence, in a sense.

Personality Edit

The Azure Soul is a stoic, vague being, and rarely expresses emotion. It appears apathetic, showing only an interest in testing one's strength to see if they are worthy of it's power. However, it is capable of expressing it's own awareness: it relishes in the power of being "free" and "alive," finding joy that it is capable of experiencing many emotions and feelings. It expresses a great surprise seeing Noctis Chulainn Kresnik wielding the King of Souls, and even though he had lost, the Azure Soul had told him that he was indeed worthy.

The Azure Soul, true to it's origins and nature, does not like any aspect of death or destruction, nor an oppression of any kind that snubs one's will of freedom, and therefore, is left at odds with it's counterpart, Erequas, The Ebony Soul.

History Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Azure Soul's appearance is based off of Zeus, a demon from the Megami Tensei franchise. Specifically, his appearance comes from the game, Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrtinth, where he is portrayed as a being that represents "life," in contrast to Chronos, who represents "death."

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