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The Black Rose is an extremely prominent and powerful secret society of mages from around the world, that has it's ties in the Greece hierarchy, as well as the gods/goddesses from Mount Olympus.

They are situated in various locations around Mount Olympus/ancient Greece and southern Europe. While there key goals are unknown, it's clear that the Black Rose isn't afraid to play dirty. Many of its members are well-versed in the discipline of magic, particularly, in dark magic.

History Edit

It was widely believed that the Black Rose was the true power and had total control of Ancient Greece during the Archaic Period. When the Persians invaded Greece, The Black Rose seemed to vanish in the shadows and was never seen again.

It is also highly speculated that they had various roles in most of the 'big' events that took place, like The Trojan War, Titanomachy and many others.

Role Edit

When joining the Black Rose, you are given a specific role that works best with the abilities/skills you have.

These roles are:

- Thorn:

Thorn represents the "Physical Worker" of the Black Rose. He/She is the one who partakes in assassination missions or otherwise murder, assault or other things of a physical nature. He/She is the one who is primarily the cause of stabbings and murdering's that go unanswered.

- Petal:

The Petal represents the “Beauty" of the Black Rose. The Petal is the person who whispers sweet poison in the ears of the there targets. Through favors of the romantic or the sexual, the Petal twists the words of the Black Rose into honey and makes their will known through more subtle means.

- Stigma:

The Stigma represents the “Disease” of the Black rose. He/She are mostly people who are specialised in poison making or medicine's. They go to cure the sick to gain “favors” from them. They also are in charge of making the poisons for the “thorns”.

- Sepal:

The Sepal represents the "Protectors" of the Black Rose. Sepals can be seen as bodyguards or guardians to certain places, people or items. It's there duty to make sure that the other members can do there “role” without any hinder.

- Auricle:

The Auricle represents the "Ears" of the Black rose. Auricle's job is simple, Information. They wander from place to place, gathering as much information as possible for multiple purposes. How they get their information depends on the person's capabilities.

Members Edit


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