The Foundation is a organization founded by humans aware of the Supernatural world, and dedicates itself into making soldiers to combat the other factions, showing them the potential of humans.

Founding Edit

The Foundation was originally started in the United States of America by a man who became aware of the Supernatural world through meeting Kokabiel, one of the leaders of the Grigori. Through appealing that humanity had more potential then the other factions thought and saying the man could change the world, the man eventually 2 years later would create The Foundation, with Kokabiel and others unknown as hidden backers of the organization.

Divisions Edit

Branches Edit

To better acomplish it's goal, the Foundation spilt into two branches. The main branch is located in Arizona in the United States, and the second in Tokyo, Japan.

Soldier Division Edit

Staioned in the Japan Branch, this division is dedicated to creating highly skilled and deadly soldiers. The way of aquiring subjects, decided by the Executives of the Foundation, was to take young children around 6 years of age.

While this was questioned by the branch members, they decided to go along with it, taking children of that age from wherever they could,

The conditions the children were kept in were of high quality at the facilities, and each assigned a caretaker or guardian to watch over them during training. In multiple cases however, some children's memories were wiped or blocked to make the process easier.

The children would train in a wide variety of subjects with each other until age 8, where they would then go through a test to place them in one of seven "classes" relating to their best skills.

These clases were and their traits:

Saber - Subjects highly skilled in swordplay and close combat.

Lancer - Subjects highly skilled in pole arm weapons, have high speed and agilty, and skilled in close combat.

Archer - Skill in ranged combat and weapons, maneuverability, and scouting.

Rider - Subjects skilled in using mounts, i.e vehicles or creatures, for combat, and high powered skills.

Caster - Subjects who have high skill in magic, item creation, and support.

Assassin - Subjects who are skilled at operating covertly, stealthy, and silently. Not good in direct confrontation.

Berserker - Subjects who have high skill kill in using brute strength and usuallu have a thrist for combat and battle.

As well as Classes, each child upon induction to the soldier program recives a designation. This designation serves as their new name, and is based off names of famous figures, examples being 'Arthur', 'Medea', 'Diarmuid', and others.

As these are given before class assignment, it's ironic sometimes for children with designations like 'Gawain', 'Mordred', or 'Siegfried' getting assigned to the Saber class. Some designations are said to pre-determine Classes, but the Subjects do not know this. A trait of those who recieve designations, is that they start to embody those whose name they gained, be it in personaility or just abilities.

Depending on which class a soldier belongs to, they will recieve modifications to gain a 'class ability', exclusive to that class.

After 2 years of training in their respective classes, three children would be placed on a team with a senior leader (a child who went through the experience before around 14-15), and would perform missions for the Foundation.

Addtionally, there are a set of "extra" Classes, set for special Subjects.

Ruler - Typically reserved for Subjects who show perfection in all skills of all Classes, and are revered as the elite among the child soliders. Currently, there is only one known designation fitting this Class, "Joan of Arc".

Avenger - One varient of the Berserker Class, Avenger is given to those who have no other desire but revenge, no matter the form. Many jokes have been made that all Subjects are applicable for this Class, but must show the drive first. They specialize in no 'one' talent, and imploy all, much like Rulers. Avenger designations include "Edmond Dantes", "Gorgon", "Angra", and "Jalter".

Shielder - Subjects generally suited for defense, imploying shields and other items. Not many Subjects apply for this, but those that do show great talent. Designations include "Galahad", "Leonidas", and "Achilles".

Beast - The second varient of the Berserker Class. While those who have Berserker are thirsty for battle and contain forms of madness, ones who have Beast have true madness. Subjects converted into nothing more then killing machines with no will other then battle, they are the "trump cards" of the Foundation. On record, only seven may exist at a time.

Gunner - A varient of the Archer Class, for the ranged fighters who prefer firearms to traditional Archer weapons. Firearms protain to any ranged "gun" weapon, even those of the lazer of plasma variety. Carry abilities of their original Class, Archer.

Faker - While Subjects usually embody their designations in one way or another, Faker Class Subjects are different. They have a designation like normal, but they attemp to mask it with lies, changing their abilities, and other things. They excel at changing themselves, inside and out, to reflect whatever new name they chose over their given designation.

Research Division Edit

Headed by a large staff of magicians and scientists, the Research Division is in charge of developing new magic, weapons, and techniques for the Soldier Division, as well as taking apart and analyzing any artifacts recovered on missions.

Weapons and Equipment Edit

The Research Division can make almost any kind of weapon, from simple swords and pole arms for the Sabers and Lancers, to complicated poisons and high grade magic spells for Assassins and Casters.

They also have special weapons in stock for those with certain Designations. Most of these are famous weapons, most of them having been recovered in missions.

Excalibur Nightmare and Excalibur Rapidly - Gifts from the Church, wielded by whoever has the designation of 'Arthur' or 'Artoria-S'.

Rhongomyniad - The holy lance of King Arthur. Wielded by whoever has the designation of 'Artoria-L'.

Crocea Mors - The holy blade of Gaius Julius Caeser. Usually reserved for those with the designation 'Julius', it has been given to others in the past, which include Subject Enoch.

Arondight - The former holy sword, now demonic, of the knight Lancelot. Wielded by those with the designation 'Lancelot-S'.

Gáe Buidhe - The cursed spear of the celtic hero Diarmuid Ua Duibhne. Wielded by those with the designation 'Diarmuid'.

Noble Phantasms Edit

There are special attacks and abilities possessed by each soldier, be it a weapon, ability, or something else, each soldier has one. They are considered one of their most powerful attacks, and there are no limits to how many one can have. They are created by the Research Division once a soldier gains there class assignment, or simply inhanced if it is a part of the person themselves.

Known Members Edit

Given Name Designation Class Status
Obito Nagano Enoch Assassin Alive, defected.
??? Hassan Assassin Dead (K.I.A)
Sakura Jack The Ripper Assassin Alive
Eirika Mordred Saber Alive
Dwyer Gawain Saber Dead (K.I.A)
Sophie EMIYA Archer Dead (K.I.A)
Genshirou Saji Billy The Kid Archer Alive, defected.

Trivia Edit

  • Many terms here have been re-done from terms from the Fate series, which include Servant Classes and Noble Phantasams, as well as True Names in the form of Designations.

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