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The New Devils

Whistle blows


The Kuoh Academy's Swim Club was doing tryouts for new students who want to join. Due to the club being primarily girls, their president has set up a "No Watching" rule for the other students, especially the boys. However, that doesnt stop perverted boys from trying to peek. Two of said boys are attempting just that. They moved quietly through the bushes to look through the fence.

The two perverts were practically tearing at the fence, seeing all the girls in their swimsuits and getting wet. Their eyes popped out of their skull and their mouths hung open.

"Its lucky we found this spot behind the bushes." One of them said.

"I'll say. We can hang out here every practice and get loads of good shots." The other said.

They were too focused on the girls, that they didnt noticed someone standing behind them. The boys were grabbed and slightly assaulted for their peeping. Their screams of pain could be heard from the girls of the club.

"What's that?" One girl asked.

"Just some peepers getting what they deserved." A veteran girl answered her.

"Who's hurting them." The first asked.

"Probably the club president. I still say they should get hurt more."

"I dont want to hospitalize the idiots." A male voice spoke as he walked up. "Enough punishment and they will eventually stop. Back to practice!"

The rest of the practice time went off swimmingly. The ones trying out were marked on their skills and the list of those who made will be posted tomorrow. Everyone went into their locker rooms to dress out of their swim wear and into their school uniforms. After everyone left for home, the President and Vice-President stayed to fill out forms.

"You got another letter asking you take the Student Council President spot. Why dont you accept it? I think you'd make a better President in the Student Council than in the Swim Club." Reina said. She is the Swim Club Vice-President.

"We've had this talk before. I feel like they want me cause of who my mother is." He replied.

"You are Leon Sitri, the son of Sona Sitri. She was a great student council president when she was in school here. Its only natural they would want you to take that spot."

"Inform the them I will think about it, but dont get their hopes up." Leon said.

"Yes sir." She said. "I'll be heading home. I'll see you there."

Leon stayed back to work out a training schedule. When he was done, he locked up the club room and headed on home. He enjoyed walking when the sun was setting. It was a great scenery. It took his mind off the possible situation that might await him when he gets home. Leon walked up the path to the front door, hearing some voices from within.

"Is the the best you got, you mossy-haired prick!"

"You're skills suck as bad as your insults."

Leon sighed and opened the door, expecting a fight. Instead, they were playing a fighting video game. He was a little relived that they were breaking stuff in the house.

"Who's winning?" Leon asked.

"Ryusuke has won all the previous fights, but Kaiba is currently winning the round." Yuniko answered him.

Ryusuke came back and won the round, giving him a another win. He stopped playing after that. Kaiba was about to say something when a teleportation circle appeared and a devil arrived through it.

"Leon Sitri, you are hereby challenged to a Rating Game. The opponent is Millicas Gremory. The Rating Game will take place in two days." The devil told them.

"We accept the challenge." Leon said before the devil disappeared.

"So we're fighting that Gremory brat? This will be an easy win." Kaito spoke up.

"You shouldnt underestimate your opponent." Ryusuke told him. "They could surprise you."

"Call Sojun and Taishi to inform them of the game. We dont have much time to train, so we'll go on what we have now. This is at a good time, since its the weekend. We dont have to worry about missing school. Try to keep the noise down." Leon told them as he went upstairs to his room.

Meanwhile Joichiro and Yukito were walking home. Yukito got the feeling something was off as they walked, so he kept an eye out. Nothing happened so they went on home. The two were informed on the Rating Game before they got a bite to eat.

"Where's Li?" Joichiro asked.

"She's out doing a new request." Yuniko told him.

The rest of the evening went smoothly. Li didnt get home to late and went right for bed.

The next morning, breakfast filled the house and was the cause for the occupants to wake up. Slowly, each member made their way downstairs to the dinning table. Leon had a cooking maid since no one else in the house could cook. He grabbed a glass of orange juice and sat down at the table. Breakfast went as usual with a little fighting, and afterwards, they went back upstairs to get ready for the day. Each came down in their casual attire and while some stayed at the house, the others went out to enjoy their weekend. They had split up even more to go do their own thing. Leon and Reina went an amusement park. Well, Leon wanted to go and Reina went to just to be at his side.

It did look like they were on a date but it wasnt anything of that sort. However, Reina wishes it was and wished Leon would confess to her, but part of her knows he probably wont. For now, she was content with how things are at the moment. During their day at the park, they walked by a guy that gave off a weird vibe. It got Leon to subtly glance behind him but the man wasnt there.

Before they knew it, it was getting dark, so they left the park to go home. They suddenly stopped.

"How long are you going to follow us? Did you think I'll lead you all the way to my house?" Leon asked.

"My my. That is quite scary." A man came out of an alley. "How long did you know I was here?"

"Since the amusement park."

"You're not like the weak devils I've killed before. I get the feeling you have more power."

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"God has given me the power to sense evil creatures. I can tell you two are not human." The man pulled out a handle and a blade of light emerged from it.

"Exorcist." Leon said.

"Time to die!"

The man suddenly appeared in front of the Leon with his sword coming down for a strike. Reina had quickly put of a barrier to shield Leon. The Exorcist then went for Reina, but was intercepted by a large water serpent. He was forced to back up.

"This isnt going as planned. I didnt expect this level of devils to be here in Japan."

The Exorcist used a distraction to escape the scene. Leon and Reina took a moment to ponder what just happened before they returned home. They told the others what had happened and told them to stay away from the exorcist if they come across him.

Morning came soon enough and the group gathered in the livingroom. Kaiba and Ryusuke had their swords at their hips. The group stood over a magic circle and was suddenly engulfed in light before disappearing.

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