The One Winged Demons are a race of extinct demons who were distinguished from other races of demons by possessing one wing and sharp fangs. The race went extinct during the Great War due to the Civil War among the race.

Appearance Edit

The One Winged Demons look exactly like humans, albeit fangs and with a wing that varies among the race. The wing can resemble a white angel wing, a black devil wing, or a black fallen angel wing. Although some members of the race could possess a tail or horns.

History Edit

The One Winged demons are a race of demons that went extinct during the Great War. During the war the race was divided siding with different sides of the three main factions (angels, fallen angels, and devils). Because of this the race was killed off leaving only two members of the race.

The last two members were brothers with one being peaceful and the other wanting to wage war on Heaven out of revenge. The two brothers then worked together building a army. The peaceful brother then fell in love with a angel and tried to convince his brother to stop fighting. In anger the brother killed the angel the peaceful brother was in love with and the two brothers fought. In the end the two brothers died both killing each other causing the race to go extinct.

Plot Edit

To Be Announced

Powers & Abilities Edit

1. Flight: Due to their one winged they are able to fly although the speed is inferior to a two winged race.

  • A ability that stems from their race is the One Winged Demons that possess a angel or fallen angel wing gains the ability to use light spears while one with a devil wing gains demonic energy manipulation

2. Enhanced Stats: Have increased physical abilities, such as superhuman strength, endurance, with enhanced senses such as an increased hearing range and eyesight.

3. Magic: Have the ability to use magic like water, fire, lightning, explosive, etc. It is unknown whether they can mimic devil clan's abilities.

4. Swordsmanship: The demon race was famous for their advance swordsmanship with each member of the race being given a special sword by birth.

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