1. Pride
The strongest out of all seven of his "siblings"

Pride is said to be the worst sin of all as a person filled with Pride will never even admit their sin as they think they are too perfect to even do anything wrong

Power-Illusion Manipulation

Reason-the prideful believe that he/she is the greatest which is just a illusion

2. Envy
Envy is actually worse than Jealousy (though not as strong). Envy is wishing to hurt others because they were either better than you in some way, this sin is a branch connected with Pride. Power- Possession

Reason- due to wanting to be the ones better than himself he can "posses" those who he deems better

3. Wrath
Wrath is a terrible sin that leads to anger. This sin when put at the root of your heart leads to war, chaos, and murder. Wrath is connected to Envy as the envious suffers extreme anger towards the envied. Power- Combustion Inducement

Reason- When angered/enraged the wrathful can just explode and viciously hurt others

4. Sloth
Sloth is a the sin that lazy people suffers, lazy people wouldn't care about anything and would not give effort at what s/he is doing.If forced to do a task s/he would find the easy and quick way to finish the task. Power- Telekinesis and Teleportation

Reason- he lazy Telekinetic can do anything without bothering to lift even a finger

5. Greed
Ban color
Greed is selfishness taken to the extreme. This sin is connected to Gluttony and Envy. The Greedy will do just about anything to get more than enough be it money or other things. Power- Mineral Manipulation

Reason-the Greedy would have the power to control minerals which would generate precious gems, which could be used to get lots of money

6. Gluttony
Gluttony Beelzabub
Gluttony which is commonly believed to be the sin of over eating (false) is actually the sin of wasting (although overeating can be PART of it. Gluttony is over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or wealth items to the point of extravagance or waste Power-Absorption fire

Reason- a special type of fire that instantly absorbs and incinerates any object it touches turning it to waste

7. Lust
Most people think Lust is the sin of wanting sex, well not just that, Lust is wanting to be constantly pleasured be it having sex or by being entertained or amused. Power- Biological absorption

Reason- to control the bodies functions in order to continuously be pleasured (or to pleasure others).

History Edit

These are the Seven Deadly Sins that will appear in "Highschool DxD Almost a Hero". These were the Original Lucifer's strongest weapons against the fallen angels and angels faction.

After the Great War and with the death of the Original Satan Lucifer (who they consider father) with nothing left to do they just used their powers to destroy the Earth and Underworld not caring about anything else in the world but to fulfill their desired sins. So the current four Great Satans had them sealed up inside a ancient tomb so they couldn't harm anyone.

My 7 sins symbols by larsjack-d3h1iuk

Symbols of each sin (they all have them tattooed on their left hands)

Plot Edit

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