One of the Worst and considered the most evil Vampire faction in the world. Even other vampire factions hate this one. It is made up of only a few purebloods and the rest being vampire hybrids that are either devil or fallen angel. Due to all the subordinates being either half devil or fallen angel even the common vampires from this faction can be deadly. Unlike the other factions this faction is like a secret organization and has bases set all over the world. There are currently eight "Lords of Tremere" in this faction with a king as the head.

This is the faction that is responsible for the death of Sora Lockhart's mother which is why he hates this faction the most out of all vampire factions.

  1. King Damion
The strongest vampire of this faction. Is a pure blood that possesses unique abilities like the ability to use any element of magic (air, water, earth, fire, lightning, etc.) and telekinesis powers. Unlike other vampires the most unique ability he possesses is the ability to control other non pure bloods by controlling their minds. He is the one who ordered the execution of Sora's mother.
2. Lord Vapion The second strongest Vampire of the faction. He possesses the ability to control all the elements of magic. He also specializes in medical magic and likes to conduct experiments on people and sacred gears but unlike Azazel he doesn't care about killing the host.
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3. Lord Tifa She possesses advance martial art abilities and has the ability to use Ancient Crystallization magic. Despite looking like a little girl to appear innocent she is actually over 300 years old.
4. Lord Drakkon Is owner of the Legendary "Seven Swords of the Sea" and can control the ocean or any type of liquid with ease even blood making any water magic attacks against him useless.
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5. Lord James Lord James unlike the other vampires has pale skin and horns. He has the abilities to control sound waves, and is the physically strongest and fastest of all the other lords.
6. Lord Eri Lord Eric possesses the ability to track anyone in the world as long as he has scent from them. He also is skilled with handguns and possess the "X Hunter" artificial gear created by Vapion.
Male vampire
7. Lord Cerina Possesses the ability to cause hallucinations of extreme torture by looking into her enemies eyes or she can change her form to be someone someone that her enemy extremely hates or loves.
8. Lord Edward Possesses the abilities of the Northern winds and can use bats to swallow up air and blast it at opponents. He also possesses extreme hypnotism even unnatural for a vampire that allows him to even control other vampires or even devils just by a glance. Is the second physically strongest vampire of the group behind Damion.
9. Lord Misa Being a rare breed of vampires a "energy vampire" she possesses the ability to absorb other people life force or energy to add it to her life. This allows her to even use another person's powers or abilities even if they are unique to them like sacred gears or devil clans powers.
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