The Inner Circle/Peerage Members Edit

Esdeath, The Ice General Edit



Esdeath shares an extremely close relationship with Tiberius. She developed a strong admiration towards him. This admiration became stronger when he saw his true strength as a Super-Devil. She is also his right-hand and lieutenant during the Great War when Tiberius led the Seekers.

Esdeath's admiration for Tiberius gradually turned to attraction and she ended up falling in love with him, despite her Sadistic tendencies Tiberius seem to accept it as a part of her unique personality.

It was revealed that the main reason why she followed him was because Tiberius knew how to use 'Power'. Seemingly disregarding both the True Dragon and the Ouroboros Dragon as someone who don't know how to harness it unlike Tiberius

She is the Vice-Commander of the Inquisition

Bronn, The Sellsword Edit

Bronn by mafer-d3h4usn


Tiberius and Bronn share a friendly and trustful relationship, despite still being paid for his services. Still, Bronn would risk his life for Tiberius without question. Despite of his sarcastic, with a black sense of humor, and a pragmatic, amoral philosophy for life, Tiberius found great friendship with the Sellsword.

He is his First Knight and one of his officers during the Great War and the Devil Civil War

Modred Pendragon, The Knight of Treachery Edit

Saber of red fate apocrypha and fate series drawn by tusia 554e41eda698c86d88b8437d11d887f8


Tiberius and Modred share a competitive, yet somewhat close relationship. Modred recognize Tiberius as a better swordsman than her, and shows delight whenever they spar. Tiberius however seems to see her as a man rather than a woman much to Modred's displeasure. Modred like the other women in Tiberius' peerage have feelings towards their King, shown as she tried to cook for him once that ended very badly.

Like all members of his peerage, Modred knew of her King's past. She seems to sympathize of his past due to their very similar childhood. Tiberius has shown to have let his emotional weakness shown and scared to be abandoned by Modred

She is his Second Knight.

Alucard, The No Life-Queen Edit

Alucard and girlycard hellsing and hellsing the dawn drawn by kuubako unknown 0f36168542a24e1d30a06fdbb8a9d715

4x Pawn

Alucard is extremely devoted to Tiberius Caesar, her current master. Both share a complex but strict "master and servant" relationship. Alucard is shown to have a massive obsession and loyalty towards Tiberius. Only caring him alone.

Despite of her obsession over her King she displays a great amount of fondness with her fellow peerage members.

She is his Pawn taking up 4 Pawn pieces

Kuroka, The Black Cat Edit



Kuroka has a strong attraction towards Tiberius after he had saved her and Koneko during her time when she was a Stray Devil. Seemed to be very aggresive in her advances towards him wanting to bear his children. Tiberius mistakenly agreed to this.

Kuroka is probably one of the main reasons why Tiberius personality began to change when she arrived.

She has shown a devoted caring for his well-being and happiness, constantly standing up for him, and even getting angry towards/threatening those who intend to harm him.

She is his the only Bishop.

Sif, the Great Grey Wolf Edit



Note: Sif's gender is never actually specified, although the name Sif itself is a female name of Norse origin.

Sif was a failed attempt of Loki to clone his first child Fenrir. Thrown away and left for dead by Loki she was found by Tiberius when she was only a small pup in the Familiar Forest. She deeply cares for her master showing a fair degree of protectiveness over Tiberius.

Tiberius is shown to have great trust to Sif as shown when he gave her the guardianship of Tiberius most powerful sword, The High Abyss.

She is his Rook.

Swords Edit

The Fire Keeper Edit


The Fire Keeper of Imperator

The spirit within Tiberius most used sword, Imperator. Of all the spirits, the Firekeeper was the only one who talked to him telepathically.

Of course, she is also romantically linked with him and one of the women who can calm him

The Maiden In Black Edit


The Maiden In Black of Luris

The residing spirit within the Luris, like with Tiberius other swords. Not much is currently known about her.

Aside from the fact that she along with the Plain Doll and the Firekeeper are romantically close with him.

The Plain Doll Edit


The Plain Doll of High Abyss

The residing spirit within the High Abyss, not much is currently known of who she is only that she is an almost replica of Tiberius' former pupil, Maria Belial.

Tiberius' relationship with her is shown to be romantically close, even stated by Bronn that she is one of the three women that could calm him down

The Inquisition/Seekers Edit

-The Four Chevaliers- Edit

Ornstein, The Dragon Slayer Edit

Dragon slayer ornstein dark souls and souls from software drawn by yinwoeren sample-6378dbad56be059935db1ce60a0f0580

Ornstein is captain of the Four Chevaliers, the four top commanders of the Inquisition after Tiberius and Esdeath. Was one of of the Original Seekers and one of Tiberius' trusted men. Just like the other Four Chevaliers, he looked up to Tiberius with complete devotion

Smough, The Executioner Edit

Smough Concept
Smough is the Vice-Captain of the Four Chevaliers and leads the Execution Unit of the Inquisition. He also is one of the Original Seekers who survived the Devil Civil War. Just like the other Four Blades, he looked up to Tiberius with complete devotion. Despite being a cannibal, he only ate those whom were enemies.

Ciaran, The Lord Inquisitor's Blade Edit

Ciaran is Tiberius' Spymaster and the Head of the Espionage Unit. Tiberius trust her completely that he would allow her to know the truth behind the Dark sign Sun.

Gough, The Hawkeye Edit

Hawkeye gough dark souls and souls from software drawn by yinwoeren sample-9eee38ce4fe17df15dbf9c3a4bc265f7
The Inquisition's sharpshooter, Gough is one of Four Chevailers. He is half-giant and half-devil, Tiberius saw Gough's skill with the Greatbow and decided to invite him to the Seekers. Gough admires Tiberius stating that there is no better devil than Tiberius himself

-The Outriders- Edit

The Dancer of the Boreal Valley Edit

Dark souls 3 4k pic 30 dancer of the boreal valley by user619-da1dws3
The Dancer was a former Stray devil whom Tiberius saved after proving her innocence. In payment for saving her life The Dancer discarded her name and pledged herself to TIberius

Vordt of the Boreal Valley Edit

Vordt of the Boreal Valley
Like the Dancer, Vordt was a former Stray Devil whom Tiberius saved. Pledging his service and Allegiance to Tiberius

-Jaegers- Edit


From left to right: Seryu Ubiquitous, Dr. Stylish, Bols, Wave, Kurome, Run. Center: Esdeath

As the Special Strike Force and Police Unit in the Inquisition, Tiberius has great trust to the members of the Jaegers. Despite the group not directly commanded by him it is headed by his right-hand, Esdeath who oversees the operations of the group. All members of the Jaegers loyalty only goes to Esdeath and Tiberius

-Other Notable Members- Edit

Alonne, The Wandering Swordsman Edit

Tumblr nx88rkr1K51rn9ge0o2 r1 1280
Alonne is the oldest member of the Inquisition/Seekers after Esdeath, he was assigned in Tiberius regiment whom he obediently followed. As the most senior member officer of the Inquisition, Alonne have great respect to Tiberius

Priscilla, The Crossbreed Edit

Tumblr mtn074cvwN1s96kd4o1 500
Tiberius and Priscilla have been shown sibling-like relationship, the two speaking on a casual first-name basis. Priscilla holds Care-taker role in the Inquisition as the head of the Rehabilitation Unit. Despite Tiberius being her leader, this does not stop Priscilla from intervening if ever Tiberius' cross a line he will come to regret

Cole Edit

Tumblr nh94lpc8HI1t73dt5o1 500
Tiberius has a friendly relationships with Cole, with Cole even seeing him as an Older Brother and someone that he respects. Cole has been grateful for Tiberius for giving him a place with the Seekers

Cassandra Penthagast Edit

Cass by frafi-d7cejkc
As a strong believer and follower of the Seekers and the Inquisition, Casandra has an immense level of respect for Tiberius. And Tiberius acknowledges Cassandra as someone who's worthy of protecting the Waste appointing her as Captain of the Miranaeus Army and the Castellan of Scipio Castle

Cullen Rutherford Edit

Tumblr inline o22fplEEM41tp5l4b 500
Tiberius greatly acknowledges Cullen as a skilled and knowledgeable General, as he was the one who commands the Footsoldiers of the Inquisition as the Grand Marshal. Cullen sees Tiberius as a great friend and visionary. Believing that the Fifth Hero could change the Underworld.

He is also named as his successor of both the leadership of the Inquisition and the Waste

-Former Members- Edit

Maria of the Astral Tower (Deceased) Edit

Tiberius' first and last apprentice, not much is known about her aside from the fact that she died during the Battle of the Thorns. Revealed that she was the one responsible of why Tiberius' was able to survive after the Battle of the Thorns, sacrificing her life for his. Before she died, revealing her feelings to him

Zatooji, The Familiar Master Edit


The former Beast Master of the Seekers, Zatooji served under the Fifth Hero during the Great War and the Civil War and retired after the Battle of the Thorns. Tiberius have a lot of trust to the Familiar Master by letting him oversee Sif and the High Abyss in the Familiar Forest.

Student Council Edit

Sona Sitri Edit

Tiberius was revealed to be Sona's Fiancee during his arrival in Kuoh Academy. It was stated that Tiberius knew of Sona's crush on him ever since he had saved her during an incident years before the start of the series. Despite of the engagement, Sona had no problems with it and shown to be in love with Tiberius. Of all the 'Rookies Four' he had met, Sona has the most aptitude in becoming a skilled politician within the halls of the Ars Goetia Parliament not because of her intelligence but her ability to take risks. For him taking risks is not stupidity but bravery because it tests your trust with the talents and options you have. He could see Sona Sitri becoming a Chancellor of the Assembly in the future.

It was revealed that Tiberius knew he was tricked by Sona in a chess match in which he won. Prompting him to become the would be husband of the Sitri Heiress. Despite of this Tiberius gave Sona a chance and had come to adore her just like the rest of his peerage.

During Chapter 9, Sona believed that she is unworthy of standing beside Tiberius, seeing herself weak due to the very large power gap between her and his peerage. Seeing her distress, he told her that he would wait so that she could stand alongside him in the future

Tsubaki Shinra Edit

Tiberius and Tsubaki have been shown met before he had arrived in Kuoh. Tsubaki has been shown to have great admiration for the Fifth Hero

The Occult Research Club Edit

Rias Gremory Edit

Like Sona, Tiberius have great respect for Rias despite of her despising him. Because of Rias' education in the Lucifaad Academy added to the fact that nobody in her family corrected her. She is shown to have blind hatred against Tiberius who she believes to be the cause of the divide in the Devil Underworld.

After learning the True history of the Devils, her outlook towards Tiberius became sympathetic and wants to atone for the sins of the Pure-Blooded Devils.

Issei Hyoudou Edit

The very person whom Tiberius have come to be interested in. Despite of no contact between them, Issei seems to be wary of him due to the incident on the Familiar Forests.

Akeno Himejima Edit

Koneko Toujou Edit

Koneko is shown to hold the Fifth Hero in high regard after being saved by him along with her sister. Added to the fact that Tiberius stopped the Nekomata Genocide. Koneko would even defy Rias just to protect the High Abyss from being taken.

Asia Argento Edit

Kiba Yuuto Edit

Kiba has shown to have great respect to Tiberius Caesar as a swordsman and have tried to imitate the Sulyvahn style.

The Four Great Maous/Overlords Edit

Sirzechs Lucifer Edit

Whatever relationship Tiberius had with Sirzechs has been practically destroyed after leaving him for dead at the Battle of Thorns and most notably by cheating with Grayfia. Once they carried a close brotherly bond among each other. Now thorn apart of fighting his former best friend, Sirzechs opted to fight him to rescue his sister from certain death.

Serafall Leviathan Edit

Like the other Maous, Tiberius relationship with Serafall was destroyed after the events of the Devil Civil War most notably during the Battle of the Thorns, where they left Tiberius for dead. As stated by Sona, she regretted her actions up to this day because Serafall tried to mend the broken friendship with Tiberius numerous times. Of all the Four Great Maous it seems that she has made progress in amending it.

Ajuka Beelzebub Edit

Like the other Maous, Tiberius relationship with Ajuka was destroyed after the events of the Devil Civil War most notably during the Battle of the Thorns, where they left Tiberius for dead. Ajuka has shown to tried to amend friendships with Tiberius

Falbium Asmodeus Edit

Like the other Maous, Tiberius relationship with Falbium was destroyed after the events of the Devil Civil War most notably during the Battle of the Thorns, where they left Tiberius for dead. Falbium has shown to tried to amend friendships with Tiberius, of all the Maous he was shown to have been supportive of Tiberius by not raising any armies that could threaten the Inquisition

Sitri Clan Edit

Lord Severus Sitri Edit

One of the prime supporters of Tiberius' rule, He has great respect for him after being saved during the Great War

Lady Yerina Sitri Edit

Like her husband, she fully supports the reign of Tiberius

Phenex Clan Edit

Lord Rycus Phenex Edit

One of the prime supporters of Tiberius' rule, He has great respect for him after being saved during the Great War

Lady Layla Phenex Edit

Like her husband, she fully supports the reign of Tiberius

Riser Phenex Edit

Despite of his arrogant nature, Riser respects both the Inquisition and Tiberius with whom he is eternally grateful for saving the lives of his parents. He is shown to respect the power and authority of Tiberius despite being a Pure-Blooded Devil.

Ruval Phenex Edit

Although not close friends, both devils seem to have a great deal of camaraderie during the Great War

Ravel Phenex Edit

Respecting both the Inquisition and Tiberius, Ravel had been one of the few Pillar Youths who supports the Commons Agenda. Although a secret, she is his childhood crush

Bael Clan Edit

Lord Lucian Bael Edit

Maintaining a secret alliance between the two of them due to an agreement, Lord Bael serves the Inquisition within the shadows at the same time leading the Optimates (Purists) Faction. Upholding the end of his agreement, Tiberius stayed true to his word and kept Misla Bael and Sairaorg Bael under his protection. Over in time Lord Bael has shown to change his view from the Purists Agenda to the Commons Agenda.

Misla Bael Edit

Taken under his protection, Tiberius did what he promised and took care of her. When she had woken up from her coma, Misla had been an aunt to Tiberius

Sairaorg Bael Edit

As his guardian, Tiberius protected Sairaorg during his childhood and one of the few influence that helped him become the strongest youth.

Gremory Clan Edit

Zeoticus Gremory Edit

Not much is known of his relationship between the two, but it seems that Tiberius was close with him before the Defiance

Venelana Gremory Edit

Like her husband, She was particularly close to Tiberius before the Defiance

Millicas Gremory Edit

Other Devils Edit

Grayfia Lucifuge Edit

Former lover of Tiberius, Despite of the betrayal she did to him it was revealed he still has some lingering attachment towards her. But after being kissed by her, it opened his eyes to the realization that it was only a yearning of his past and that he doesn't feel anything for her. However despite of such emotion towards her, he seemed to shed a tear when saying his goodbye to her

Seekavaira Agares Edit

Belial Diehauser Edit

Lord Ierimond Amon Edit

One of Tiberius' political opponents, only finding him to be an annoyance due to his obnoxious attempts to bring back Pure-Blood Authority

Diodara Astaroth Edit

Seeing him as only a nuisance, Tiberius shows that he wasn't even merciful towards him after it was revealed of his affiliation with the Old Maous and 'procurement' of his peerage members

Gehrman (Deceased) Edit

Master and Teacher of Tiberius, the two first met during his time in the Belphegus Military Academy. From there on point Gehrman would be the one to oversee his training personally. During the Devil Civil War it was revealed that the two fought with Tiberius winning

The Original Lucifer (Deceased) Edit

The Father-figure of Tiberius, revealing that the Original Lucifer favors him. To the point that even wishing him to be his son

Lilith (Deceased) Edit

Wife of Lucifer and also the Mother-Figure in Tiberius life, Like her husband she preferred Tiberius to be their son

Fallen Angels of Grigori Edit

Azazel Edit

Tiberius is shown to distrust the Fallen Angel due to their past as enemies during the Great War but shown to be willing to listen if the need arises. Azazel admitted that Tiberius was the reason why the Fallen Angels had been the first one to Withdraw from the war after Tiberius practically knocked out the Fallens out of the Devil Territories that they had once held for thousand of years.

The Governor-General admitted that Tiberius is the most powerful Devil existence due to his power and Political connections. Finding it humorous that a Common Devil is the most powerful Devil in existence.

Shemazai Edit

Kokabiel Edit

Baraqiel Edit

Angels of Heaven Edit

Michael Edit

Gabriel Edit

Sandalphon (Deceased) Edit

Ludwig the Holy Blade (Whereabouts Unknown) Edit

Tiberius' rival during the Great War with both men having a great deal of respect among each other and actually revealed that Tiberius was the one responsible for breaking the True Excalibur which was wielded by Ludwig

Griselda Quarta Edit

Shinto Youkai Faction Edit

Yasaka Edit

Kunou Edit

Triplici Consulate of the Waste Edit

Tuka Luna Marceau Edit

Hodor Marceau Edit

Thrall Edit

Sera Edit

Varric Tethras Edit

Dragons Edit

Great Red Edit

Ophis Edit

Ddraig Edit

Albion Edit

Old Maou Faction Edit

Katerea Leviathan Edit

Creuserey Asmodeus Edit

Shalba Beelzebub Edit

Hero Faction Edit

Cao Cao Edit

Georg Edit

Qlippoth Edit

Rizevim Livan Lucifer Edit

Euclid Lucifuge Edit

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