Todoroshi Sukiya
Todoroshi Sukiyo
Kana とどろし すきよ
Romaji Sukiyo Tōdōrōshi
Race Human
Nicknames Todo-kun
Roshi-teme (by Shishyou)
Metal Skull (Alias)
Hair Color Blonde (dyed)
Eye Color Brown
Equipment Aquarius Circus
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Grandfather (Deceased)
The Outsiders (Surrogate Family)
Affiliations The Outsiders
Status Alive
Ranking S-Rated Criminal
So, what poor bastard, Fallen Angel, or Devil shall we punish next? The whole world is waiting for the Outsiders' next move!

–Todoroshi Sukiyo

Todoroshi Sukiyo is a major character of the story DxD: Revolutions.

Todoroshi, or Todo for short, is a member of the Outsiders, an organization that was originally meant to provide a place for those who felt they no longer belonged to their society, or no longer had a place there for whatever reason. Due to a certain event, they now exist to bring forth a reformation to the Supernatural World. Like a few members, Todo attends Kawashimi student.

Similar to Kaisuke, Todo wields a Sacred Gear; the mid-tier Aquarius Circus, which allows him to freely manipulate any body of water around him, even the moisture in the air.

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Trivia Edit

  • Todo's design is based off of Ryuji Sakomoto, from Persona 5.
  • The name, Todoroshi, in english, translates to "Roaring City," which refers to Todo's thrill for excitement.

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