Triplici Consulate, officially called the The Triplici Consulate Waste or simply the Waste by the Devil Government, is located in the southern part of the Underworld and constitutes the Devil Government's only self-governing autonomous region.

The region is officially governed by the Inquisition, with the capital being Miranaeus. The Waste is a self-governing autonomous region with its own regional ruling body, The Triplici Magistrate. Tiberius Caesar, who became First Consul after the Devil Civil War supported by two Deputy Consuls along with the Magistrate. His leadership marked the start of the Waste as a Supernatural Powerhouse in the Underworld after uniting the various denizens under his Banner

The establishment of the Triplici Consulate dates back to the Lucifaad Convention agreement between the Seekers of Truth and the New Devil Government after their alliance during the Devil Civil War. The agreement however was completely unfair for the Seekers, who did most of the fighting was only rewarded governance of the Waste and not even any recognition for their sacrifices, weakened and powerless to do anything the Seekers went to their new land, establishing the first Devil Settlement in the region. Following the Defiance of the Common Devils against The Pillar Families, the Inquisition succeeded in gaining more control and independence in governing the region. Despite the harsh conditions and the different races within the region, the Inquisition success and establishment of the diversified system as opposed to the Devil Government's created the basis for the region's self-rule and facilitated the unity among the different races.

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