Unholy Ice Maiden
"Will of the Freezing Princess"
Kana アンホーリーアイスメイデン
Romaji /ənˈhōlē/ /īs/ /mādn/
Other Names Will of the Freezing Princess
Type Artificial Sacred Gear and Support Type
Forms Ice Barrier and Ice Wolf
Abilities Ice Barrier, Ice Wolf, and Ice Cannons
Wielder(s) Mittelt and Raynare
The Unholy Ice Maiden is a experimental support type sacred gear created by Fallen Angel Governor General Azazel. It was given to Raynare and Mittelt due to the request of Gray Dantalion for them to receive the prototype.

Due to being a artificial sacred gear it can be shared and given to other people. The artificial sacred gear was created by using the Hiruseki Stones from the Ice Maiden demons.

Summary Edit

One of the current and popular artificial gears created by Azazel with the help of Gray Dantalion. It is only a prototype so the full powers of the sacred gear is still unknown.

Appearance Edit

The main physical form of the sacred gear manifests as a long wand with a red crystal at the top made from the stones of the ice maiden demons.

Forms/Announcement Edit

The artificial sacred gear will make certain announcements when choosing one of the abilities

  • [Barrier]
  • [Ice Wolf]
  • [Crying Maiden]

[Barrier] When this announcement is called a large ice barrier or multiple small ice barriers will be summoned and they shield the wielder from any attacks.

[Ice Wolf] When this announcement is called a ice wolf (similar to the ones Ichiro can create with his darkness powers) is summoned. It is a gold dog with ice around it's fur. The dog attacks fro the opponent and works as a bodyguard type.

[Weeping Maiden] The strongest standard announcement of the artificial sacred gear. This causes multiple sharp pillars made of ice to form around the wielder and they then launch at the opponent at high speed with the hope of impaling them. After using this the red crystal on the sacred gear will turn gray and it will need ten minutes to charge.  

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