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Just because you are a human doesn't make you weak, boy. The reason you feel weak right now is because of yourself. You must overcome that feeling if you wish to become stronger. Only then will you realize what it is that you are missing.

–Viktor Mycenae to Lyonel Mycenae, Ch. 6; Nemean Lion and Vanishing Dragon

Viktor Mycenae
The Fire Demon
Kana ビクトル・マイシーニー
Romaji Bikutoru Mikeene
Race Human
Nicknames Fire Demon
The Demon Emperor
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Equipment Power of Kings
Personal Status
Relatives Zeus (Ancestor)
Perseus (Ancestor)
Unnamed Parents †
Unnamed Brother †
Pandora (Lover)
Lyonel Mycenae (Nephew)
Affiliations House of Mycenae
Khaos Brigade
Hero Faction (Formerly)
Status Alive
Viktor Mycenae is the uncle of Lyonel Mycenae and a member of Khaos Brigade's Qlippoth. He becomes the second-in-command of the Khaos Brigade when Rizevim takes over the organization. He is one of the main antagonists of Highschool DxD: The King of Lions.

Appearance Edit

Viktor looks like a middle-aged man in his early 40's with black hair. He looks a lot like his nephew, Lyonel, albeit with shorter hair and red eyes.

Personality Edit

Viktor has a cold and ruthless personality. He will not hesitate to eliminate those he considers to be weak. He shows no honor when fighting and takes advantage of his opponent's weakness. He is obsessed with power and has traveled the world to obtain the secret power of the Power of Kings.

The only being he shows loyalty to is Rizevim Livan Lucifer, the son of the Original Lucifer.

History Edit

At one point in his lifetime, he encountered Kokabiel and fought him. He managed to survivor the encounter after he impressed the Fallen Angel for dealing damage to him.

Later on, he wiped out all of the descendants of Perseus, which would become known as the Burning Massacre, but decided to spare his nephew for unknown reasons.

He later joined the Hero Faction for a short while before he met Rizevim and left the group to form his own organization.

Plot Edit

The Lion King's Awakening Edit

Viktor first appears in volume 2, giving Lyonel advice on what is preventing his nephew from achieving his Balance Breaker.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Power of Kings: Like his nephew, Viktor possesses the Power of Kings, and has overwhelming mastery of the power. The form that his golden flames take on are called the Flames of Wrath. When he gets enraged, he is able to reduce anything to ash because of its extreme destructive power.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Viktor is a master hand-to-hand combatant, having adapted his martial arts style with the power of his flames.

Immense Speed: Viktor is a lot faster than a normal human being.

Immense Durability: Viktor possesses a body with great durability and can endure multiple attacks head on.

Trivia Edit

  • Viktor's appearance is based on Yhwach from Bleach.

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