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Turned evil by the World...

–Charles Lutwidge Dodgson in his last moments.

Vorpal Blade

Vorpal blade

Vorpal blade holistic

Other Names Wonderland sword
Looking-glass blade
Mirror Sword
Type Legendary sword
Demonic sword
Holy sword
Forms Reflection of the World (demoninc form)
Reflection of Wonderland (hallowed form)
Abilities Nothing can be resistant against it
Wielder(s) Anonymous Hero (formerly)
Lewis Carroll (formerly)
The Vorpal Sword, also referred to as the Vorpal Blade, or the Wonderland Sword. Is a lengendary bladed weapon belonging to the Looking-glass Land, a country within the Wonderland world.

Summary Edit

The Vorpal Sword is the one used to slay the Jabberwock, also known as the Chimeric Dragon. It was later found and wielded by Lewis Carroll in his journey through Wonderland.

Deemed as a holy sword, and wanting to be recognized by the church the writter brought the sword to the real world, not expecting it to react to its "aura" and change its appearance in the process.

The Vorpal Sword has been lost for many years, presumibly it was returned to the Looking-glass land.

Appearance Edit

One of the blade's signature characteristics is to switch its appearance depending in the world it is residing at the moment. When it is in the real world, it appears as a double edged black demonic sword with a white strap in the middle of the blade. It has spikes on the guard and the handle is full of bandages, ending in a pointy spike.

When it is surrounded by the aura of Wonderland, the Vorpal Sword takes the form of a ceremonial triangular sword of a pure white color, with the handle and edges colored in a beautiful golden tone; oversized to no end, easily as big as the Durandal. Its appearance easily makes others think it is a holy sword.

Abilities Edit

The Vorpal Sword can be used as catalyst to better use of the wielder's natural abilities; be it physical, magical or spiritual. Since its hallowed form cannot be used in the real world (meaning that one can only use its demonic form in said realm), the sword has the perfect form to be carried even my novice wielders, which doesn't happen with swords like the Durandal or the Rhongomiant.

Ultimately and unlike other holy or demonic swords, the Vorpal Sword has no race specific slaying attributes; instead, it has the ability to nullify the resistance towards it. Explained by Kaede in Pokemon terms, if a creatures takes less damage because of their racial resistance/magic powers/etc. (x1/2 of dmg), then against the Vorpal Sword they would take the normal amount of damage (x1 of dmg); even if the creatures is very resistant against attacks (x1/4 of dmg) they would take x1 of damage using the Vorpal Sword.

Trivia Edit

  • Its appearances were based off Ragnarok from Soul Eater and Shinnosuke Arisu's Holy Sword Switch from Apocalypse Alice
  • The heading quote of the page is a reference to the game Terraria, upon world creation, if it contains the Corruption biome instead of Crimson, a message will appear while generating it: "Turning the world evil..."
  • The Vorpal Sword takes its hallowed appearance if looked through a mirror; meaning that the change in appearance may be simply an esthetic change or an illusion