Race Dragon
Nicknames Dark Dragon
Hair Color Black (human)
Eye Color Red
Personal Status
Status Alive
Vulture is the Main Antagonist on an ongoing Fanfic DxD: Dragon of Dragon. He is the Dragon of the Death. 


Vulture appears as a Young teenage boy, around 16 years old in his human form. He has black hair and black eyes. He also possesses a pair of wings on his back. In his Dragon form, he grows into a size of an average dragon, He has a black skin and a thorn, also having Fangs in his mouth. 


He used to be a normal Dragon until he found out about the Mysterious Sincription, which turns him into an Evil Dragon, always craving for Flesh. He caused Chaos thousand years ago, until he was sealed by the Three Faction after they signed a Treaty. 


He is shown to be really strong, possibly because of the power of the Sincription. 

  • Superspeed: He is very fast, being able to move at almost the speed of light. He utilizes this ability in combat very often, but it causes a great pain after a continuous uses.
  • Flight: Being a Dragon, he could fly using his wings. 
  • Super strength: He possesses a great strenght, equivalent to that of Great Red's. 

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