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For those they serve and protect they'll become Heroes and for their families' and friends...they'll become Monsters.

–Azazel's explanation for the War God Mode

War God Mode
Kana 乱神モード
Romaji Ranshin Mōdo
Other Names Power of the War God
War God Mode
Type Technique (Hereditary)
Forms Crimson War Goddess (Elaine Du Lac)
True War God (Galahad Du Lac)
Abilities Immense Physical Abilities
Heightened Battle Instincts
Minor Healing
Wielder(s) Sir Lancelot (Progenitor)
Elaine Du Lac
Galahad Du Lac
Lancelot Du Lac


A unique innate ability first awakened by the original Sir Lancelot during the time of war, while fighting alongside King Arthur and the other Knights of the Round Table. Witnessing the deaths of many of his fellow Knights being killed before his eyes for years, soon losing himself to his rage and awakened something within him. In almost a matter of minutes, Sir Lancelot fought through large numbers of enemies and killed almost all of them by himself. At the end of the battle, Sir Lancelot was visited by his mother, the Lady of the Lake; who then explained, "It seems that you have awakened a power that laid deep within you but be wary my son, this power could lead you towards a path of self-destruction."

After more training, Sir Lancelot gained the ability to enter this form at will, as he fought in several wars this form became known as the War God. In the history of the Du Lac family, only three other members became able to use this ability after Sir Lancelot. Those individuals were: Elaine Du Lac, Galahad Du Lac, and Lancelot Du Lac.


The War God unleashes the limits on the user's body along with their instincts granting them an increase in their physical attributes and combat prowess; granting them the ability to fight against High-Class Devils without much trouble. Upon mastering this state, the user could use it to fight much more efficiently in combat allowing them to fight evenly with Ultimate-Class Devils.

Upon training for a period of five years with this form, the user can gain a state beyond the War God. 


Despite its advantages in combat, there are two important drawbacks that it puts on them. One of them being that if the user is new to this state, then it needs to be fully developed before being fully used and the longer a person is in this form, the more stamina that it slowly took away. The second more important drawback is the natural aggression that this state has, if this form isn't matured the user will lose their sense of humanity and act far brutally in combat.


War God ModeEdit

For their allies they'll become Heroes, but for their friends and families, they'll become Monsters.

–Azazel's explanation for the War God.

The Natural War God, while in this form the user's physical restraints and combat instincts are unlocked allowing them to gain an increase in their physical strength and instincts. When in this form the users' eyes change a different color, along with their hair.

Altered God ModeEdit

The True and Final Form of the War God, a reflection of their inner self. A power of their own making.

–Azazel's explanation for the True War God.

The upgraded and more powerful form of the War God Mode, this form is only achieved after five years worth of training after completely mastering the War God, then accumulating the techniques they learned. Similar to the normal War God state, it unlocks the limits on their physical bodies and combat instincts; this form also draws out the person's latent potential. When in this form the users' hair becomes almost translucent and their eyes become a lighter shade. Mastering this form, they may be able to surpass a Satan-Class Devil and possibly fight against a Super Devil on Rizevim's level.

Crimson War Goddess Edit

Elaine Du Lac, a form that's exclusive to only Elaine. Being a hardcore Power-Type fighter, Elaine is able to enter a form where her physical capabilities and power are both increased dramatically. In this form, her presence is a lot similar to a ferocious beast, and she's covered in a dense blood red Touki. And in this form, Elaine's power is on par with a Super Devil.

True War God Edit

Galahad Du Lac a form that's exclusive to only Galahad. Due to him being in-between a Technique and Power-Type, Galahad gains an increase in his physical traits and his combat intuition. In this form, his presence is similar to that of an intense warrior, and he gains a black aura around his body. In this form Galahad's hair turns jet-black and his eyes turn dark green.


  • The War God Mode and Altered God Mode was inspired from Medaka Box.

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