Warlen Mammon
Galielmus 5
Kana ワールレンマモン(current)
Romaji wāruren mamon(current)
wāruren amon(former)
Race Pure-Blooded Devil
Nicknames Satan Purple
Hell Judge
The Blind Justice
Hair Color Black
Eye Color White
Equipment Power of Darkness
Power of Destruction
Nine Sin Dragon Sword
Past & Future Sight
Personal Status
Relatives Lord Amon(Father)
Molin Bael(Mother)
Yali Amon(Brother)
3 Unnamed Sisters
Porsha Paimon(Wife)
Vergil Amon(1st Twin Son)
Dante Amon(2nd Twin Son)
Rias Gremory(Cousin)
Sirzechs Lucifer(Cousin)
Grayfia Lucifuge(Cousin-in-Law)
Lord Gremory(Uncle-in-Law)
Venelana Gremory(Aunt)
Millicas Gremory(Nephew)
Lord Bael(Uncle)
Misla Bael(Aunt-in-Law)
Sairaorg Bael(Cousin)
Affiliations 72 Pillars
Amon Clan(Former Heir)
Anti-Satan Faction
Great Satans
Satan Rangers
Bael Clan
Gremory Clan
Status Alive
Ranking Super Devil
Great Satan(Mammon)
Chief Justice of the Supreme Demonic Court

Warlen Mammon, born Warlen Amon, is the 5th Great Satan and former heir of the Amon family. He is Rias Gremory, Sirzechs Lucifer, & Sairaorg Bael's cousin and the uncle of Millicas Gremory. Warlen is regarded as the 4th Super Devil of the Underworld, with Rizevim, Sirzechs, and Ajuka being slightly ahead of him.


Galielmus devil form

Warlen's Devil Form

Warlen has black hair, white eyes, and an average male stature. He usually wears a purple kimono, a purple scarf, a purple belly warmer, and straw geta sandals. He is always seen with a white coat draped on his back and his Nine Sin Dragon Sword as his walking stick. Due to his outfit, Warlen is referred to as "Satan Purple". In his devil form, Warlen bares sharp, purple wings, a purple torso, a teal waist, brown horns, and a red scar on his chest. He also gains sharp claws and a sharp tail. The color of his devil-form body fits his nickname, "Satan Purple". 


Warlen has a serious personality when it comes to trials. Like the other Satans, he has a kind and not-so-serious personality when he is not on business. When he is angered, Warlen can be as destructive and dangerous as Sirzechs and Ajuka. They say that if he was to ever get furious, Warlen would be able to execute death sentences on Earth, the Underworld, and Heaven.


Warlen is the eldest son of the Amon Family. He is the 4th youngest child, but, due to his sister's marriages into other clans, Warlen was made the next heir. He was seen to be born with the ability to see into past and future, which was only ever used by certain members of the Amon clan. In exchange for the ability, however, Warlen was born blind, just like his ancestors who bore this gift. A few years after the establishment of the new Great Satans, a man who claimed to be a descendant of the forgotten 5th Great Satan, Mammon, attempted to claim full control over the Great Satans & the Underworld. Irritated by the man's constant boasting, Warlen used his powers and forced the descendant of Mammon to flee towards the end of the Underworld with the other descendants of the Satans. Realizing his potential, Sirzechs, Serafall, and the other Satans decided to make him a Satan as well, completely stripping him of his title as heir to the Amon clan. He then created the judiciary division of the Underworld. He decided the fate of angels, fallen angels, priests, and/or humans who are sentenced down by the Supreme Heavenly Court and/or the Supreme Fallen Court, using his sight ability to see if they committed the crime in question or not. He was present for Ria's engagement party and witnessed the fight between Issei and Riser Phenex, already knowing that Issei would win. Warlen was believed to have predicted the fight of the Peerages of Rias Gremory and Sona Sitri against Kokabiel. He, however, refrained from telling the other Satans until it was over. Warlen, along with Sirzechs and Serafall, represented the Devils during the Three Factions meeting and fought against the Khaos Brigade. He was also present with the other Satans at the Young Devils Gathering. After the Gremory Peerage's battle with Loki, Warlen requested that Azazel make him a artificial sacred gear as well. He later received the weapon, the Nine Sin Dragon Sword.

Peerage Edit

Galielmus 5

King: Warlen Mammon

Abigail williams

Queen: Abigail Williams

First member. Caused

the first witch hunts in

Salem, MA.

Hua tuo

Bishop: Hua Tuo

Chinese physician

who was known to

cure countless diseases

with unorthodox methods.

Grigori rasputin

Bishop: Grigori Rasputin

Faith healer & aide of the

last Tsar of Russia. Was

said to have been an


Lu bu

Knight (x2): Lu Bu

Dubbed the greatest

warrior in China during

the Later Han Dynasty.

Honda tadakatsu

Rook(x2): Honda Tadakatsu

One of the Four Great

Generals under Tokugawa



Pawn (x4): Prometheus

A titan who aided the Greek

gods during the titanomachy.

Was punished by Zeus for

stealing fire from the gods.

Caesarion philopator

Pawn (x4): Caesar Philopator

Descendant of Cleopatra,

the last Pharaoh of Egypt

and relative of Augustus

Caesar, first emperor of

the Roman Empire.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  •  Power of Darkness (闇の力 Yami no Chikara): This power is passed on throughout the Amon Clan. This gives Warlen the ability to manipulate darkness and shadows. He is able to see things through shadows of people or objects. He may also create shadow arms or tentacles to capture or harm enemies. As he has the ability to control darkness, he can shape his body to become darkness itself. In this sense, any attack that tries to hit him will phase right through him. Warlen can also teleport between shadows.
    •  Power Snatch (力を奪うchikara o ubau): Uniquely to Warlen, this ability allows him to utilize his darkness to neutralize magic abilities through physical contact. This ability is effective from natural-born powers to sacred gear abilities. Warlen also has the ability to effectively "steal" users' abilities by cloaking their entire body in his darkness. This can only be done, however, if the target is either near death or actually dead.
  • Power of Destruction (滅びの力 Mezabi no Chikara): Passed down from his mother, Warlen is able to use the power of destruction as, not only a projectile attack, but also a physical attack. He can imbue his hand with the power and destroy anything he touches or everything in a certain range.
  • Past & Future Sight (過去と未来予知 Kako to mirai yochi): Being born  to see both the past and the future, in exchange for being eternally blind, Warlen is able to see what had or what will happen. Due to this ability, he is able to make true verdicts in court. Warlen used this ability during Riser and Issei's fight as wells as Rias and Sona's peerages' fight with Kokabiel.


  • End dragon sword

    Nine Sin Dragon Sword

    Nine Sin Dragon Sword: An artificial sacred gear that Azazel made for Warlen at his request. It is said that Warlen made a deal with Sirzechs in order to gain the soul of Naga, the first Buddhist dragon, to create the sacred gear.


True end dragon armor

True Sin Dragon Armor

  • True Sin Dragon Armor: Similar to the "Down Fall Dragon Another Armor", this suit increases the attack and defense of the user. It also creates a sword of darkness that eats away at another sacred gear and absorbs it's power, increasing the strength of the user. 


  • Warlen's nickname of "Satan Purple" is a mix of Sirzech's Satan Red and Ajuka's Satan Blue colors.
  • Warlen is able to see what happens around him using his ability to see in the future. This move is equivalent to seeing normally.
  • Warlen is the tallest of the Great Satans and the most older looking.
  • When on the bar, or off work, Warlen is always seen with a lite cigar in his mouth.