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The shadows of some members of the Weiß team.

"Since I'm the leader, we tried 'The Avalon Team', but unfortunately, it was already taken."

"By Who?!"

–Arthuria and Ichijou.

The Weiß team(ヴァイスチーム; Vu~aisuchīmu), also romanized as 'YX Team', is an independent group of top-tier Sacred Gear users led by Arthuria Pendragon, the former heiress of the Pendragon family and the hostess of the Top-tier Sacred Gear True Longinus. The group has no solid goal, instead they gathered together in order to fulfill their own individual desires and objectives while being protected by their companions. Ther group is one of the main antagonists of Highschool DxD: Яe-birth.

Summary Edit

The first members of the Weiß team were first introduced back in the Volume 6, during the Miyama Runaways arc, the White Dragon Emperor Elizabeth Albedo and the leader of the said team Arthuria Pendragon, both defeating the Runaways possessed by Enma Miyama and bringing Nemesis Gremory back to life, with light mentions during Volume 8.

The team would later be properly introduced in Volume 9 during the Vampire-Devil meeting, looking for the possible outcome of a battle and the current Welsh dragon Ichijou Tsukino. The group then is deemed as semi-terrorist threats, level SSS-class for most of them being Longinus-Tier users.

Members Edit

The Members of the Weiß team includes:

  • Arthuria Pendragon, the descendant of Mordred and Arthur Pendragon, Hostess of the True Longinus and wielder of several Holy Swords, including four of seven fragments of the original Excalibur, and leader of the Group.
  • Elizabeth Albedo, the second in command of the group, host of the mid-tier Sacred Gear Divine Dividing and the white dragon emperor Albion.
  • Adolf Medici, host of the Top-tier Longinus Dimension Lost and a catholic priest whose main goal is to spread the world of God through the world, descendant of the original Medici clan.
  • Zhang Fei, or Chouhi Ekitoku, is a master of the art of Chi and Senjutsu, trained in the Jade palace and descendant of one of the general of the Three Kingdoms Romance.
  • Dimitri Verona, the host of the low-tier Longinus Absolute Demise, and the frozen doll that carries the corpse of his wife Sasha Verona and thus her Low-tier Longinus Incinerate Anthem.
  • Howard Phillips Lovecraft, the descedant of H. P. Lovecraft and host of the Top-tier Longinus Annihilation Maker.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite Arthuria being their leader, the team was named after Elizabeth's title.
  • Ichijou Tsukino finds the name incredible cheesy and lame, questioning why the german word on it.
  • Just like their counterpart group, Berolina Gremory's peerage, the group is only held together by their respective leaders and individual wishes.
  • Zhang Fei is the only member that doesn't carry a Sacred Gear.