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White Tiger Claws
Armaments of the White Tiger
Kana ワイト・タイガー・クローズ
Romaji 白の虎の神聖な備砲
Other Names Sacred Armaments of the White Tiger
Type Sacred Gear (Guardian-Type)
Forms Gauntlets and Boots
Sacred Gear
Heavenly White Panthera Tigris
Abilities Generate powerful shockwaves
Increased Strength and mobility
Wielder(s) Liu Bei

White Tiger Claws, also known as the Sacred Armaments of the White Tiger, is a Sacred Gear wielded by Liu Bei, which is listed as a Guardian-Type Sacred Gear, it has one of the Four Guardian Sacred Beast of China, the Western Tiger, Byakko, residing within it.


White Tiger Claws takes the appearance of two white gauntlets that manifests on both of the user's arms and extends up to the length of their arms, with red jewels embedded on the back. This sacred gear can also manifest a pair of white armored thigh-high boots. Depending on the user's mastery of the sacred gear, they can also manifest long razor sharp claws on the white gauntlets. 


In the past, the God of the Bible discovered the spirits of the Four Guardian Sacred Beasts of China, which were stated to be on par with the Five Dragon Kings. To keep the balance in China, he sealed the White Tiger, Byakko, sealed inside of the White Tiger Claws. Byakko was known to carry the immense strength, whose very roar could cause the ground beneth it to shake. The White Tiger Claws is currently in the possession of Liu Bei, a member of the Order of the Sacred Fists. Through her years of training, Liu Bei became able to master her Sacred Gear to extreme levels.


The gauntlets and boots of the White Tiger Claws have the ability to generate powerful shockwaves from either their hands or their feet, along with it being capable of greatly increasing their physical strength and their mobility. It is also said depending on the user's mastery of the sacred gear, they can manifest long razor sharp claws on the gauntlets, allowing them to cut through almost anything. Once the user completely masters the sacred gear, then they could create a large tremor by striking the ground, with the Western Tiger sealed inside of it, the user is at their strongest when facing the west. 


White Tiger: Sacred ArmorEdit

White Tiger: Sacred Armor: Also known as the Sacred Armor of the White Tiger, is the balance breaker of the White Tiger Claws, which creates a white tiger-themed body armor that matches the user's stature. When active, the user strengthens the user's strength, defense, and mobility, along with generating a stronger shockwave through their fists or feet. 

Heavenly White Panthera Tigris White Heavenly Panthera Tigris: The evolved form of White Tiger Claws Balance Breaker, gained after reaching a deeper level. After chanting a curse-like chant, her entire body then becomes covered in an organic armor, it takes the form of a white tiger humanoid with black markings, razor sharp claws and fangs, along with a tail. In this form, Liu is surrounded with an overflowing amount of chi, which causes the leaves around her to change color. She’s also capable of generating massive shockwaves capable of breaking the ground and it able to move at god-like speed. To activate it, she recites this chant:

«I roar for the end of Summer in preparation for the start of the Winter Nights»
«I prowl towards the West tearing through the Evil Beings and protect those of Good Intentions»
«My status as been spread throughout the world, it will become that of the Divine King of Beast of the Fall»
«Thou fangs and claws shall become my weapons, which tear through and crush everything in this World»
«To become something that’s feared by both the God and Man»

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