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For those who awaken the blood within them, they can become either the greatest heroes for the Underworld.or they'll become the terrifying monsters that this world has ever seen.

–Cedric's explanation for the Will of Diabolus

Will of Diabolus
Other Names Blood of the Devil God
Will of D.
Type Technique (Hereditary)
Forms Underworld Crown (Geist D. Pheles)
Void Soul (Vintes D. Lucifer)
Abilities Grants natural force manipulations
Life manipulation
Wielder(s) Satan Diabolous (Progenitor)
Geist D. Pheles
Vintes D. Lucifer

Will of Diabolus (lit. Will of Satan) is a hereditary technique used in the upcoming fan fiction story, The Lovable Devil.

Summary: Edit

Will of Diabolus is an series of powerful abilities once wielded by the Devil's progenitor and creator of his race, Satan Diabolous.

In order to create his own race, he traveled the world to gain the necessary ingredients and materials to made himself into a God of all Devils. The materials were made into a special elixir and energy that contains the blood of the Old Gods, which it awaken his hidden power inside him. As he drank the elixir, Satan later gained the ability the power of all 72 Pillars of the Devil Clan, which allowed him to separate the power to make the clans.

At some point during his life, he secretly attained two more powers, which it made him as god to his people with both fear and worship to him. It later became known as the "Will of Diabolus".

In the history of Underworld, only two pure-blooded devils with mixed-heritage later able to access this power after Diabolus. Which were: Geist D. Pheles, and Vintes D. Lucifer.

Abilities: Edit

Will of Diabolus allows the users to grant them the power of Diabolus special abilities, which it was:

  1. Natural Force Manipulation over the world itself.
  2. Life Force Manipulation over life and death itself.

When it is mastered, the user is able to fight against large number of opponents alone, and able to match against Maou-Class Devil and even Gods in combat.

Styles/Forms: Edit


Trivia: Edit

  • The Will of Diabolus was inspired from the blood of the demon god in the manga series, Samurai Deeper Kyo.
  • The story behind Will of Diabolus was inspired from Will of D. in One Piece.

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