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The World Tree (世界樹; Seikaiju) is the second being to come into existence. Like Great Red it lives in the Dimensional Gap. Each of its branches and roots are

connected to a different world. The World Tree is an important part of High School Ankoku and High School AxA.

Summary Edit

In the beginning there was nothing but an endless Chaos that expanded forever. There was no good or evil, light or darkness, creation or destruction; just endless Chaos. At one point something happened; a single space within the Chaos expanded and a small seedling sprouted.

The Chaos, not liking this new existence, tried to engulf it but the space just continued to expand. Eventually so large that the seedling became a mighty Tree. But that was not the end of the expansion. It continued to grow, spreading the Chaos into a thin layer.

Eventually, from each of the Tree’s many branches and roots many worlds came into existence (Heaven, Earth, the Underworld, etc.). From each of these worlds beings started to be born. Even outside the worlds beings came into existence (Ophis, Great Red, etc.). Mythologies were born, many which the Tree gained a name from.

List of Names Edit

  1. Világfa (Hungarian Mythology)
  2. Ağaç Ana (Turkic Mythology)
  3. Modun (Mongolian Mythology)
  4. Yggdrasil (Norse Mythology)
  5. Kien-Mu (Chinese Mythology)
  6. Ashvattha (Hindu Mythology)

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