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X-over clash! Ichijou Tsukino Vs, Kazuma Itori! is a crossover short-story featuring the protagonist of Highschool DxD: Яe-birth Ichijou Tsukino and the deuteragonist of The worst Invader Kazuma Itori fighting each other after a bizarre yet fateful encounter.

Accordingly, this story is non-canon from their respective universes.

Summary Edit

Clash! Forces! Dragon slayer vs. Dragon eater! When a fateful encounter intertwine the fates of two seemingly normal lads, we have the meeting between the crimson dragon of domination and his mortal enemy! Who shall stand and who shall fall?! The fate of wheel turns yet again!


Having to buy some snacks for his mother and the constants visits of her friends, Ichijou Tsukino, the protagonist of Highschool DxD: Яe-birth, ends up finding the perfect solution for his little problem: A deluxe box of confectioneries from Saitama, containing the most famous candies from Saitama to Okinawa.

However, on his way to reach such treasure, he bumps into an unexpected personell: None other than Kazuma Itori, who claims he reached the box first and as such, the rightful owner of such. Among other things, Ichijou then felt the sinister presence of Samael, the Dragon Eater, and soon discovers that odd lad maybe is something more than he could expect... Not unlike himself.

Characters Edit

Author's note: Edit

So... wanted to do something different with this fandom, in company of my good acquantance Hanten'in, and so why not a X-over? Maybe a little overused, but why not, Just to have a little of fun. If you're reading this, hanten'in-0san, don't forget that this story is yours as well, and as such, you can edit it as you like. Without further addo, let's get it on.

Life 1: Dragons fighting for candy! Edit

Part 1(Ichijou's POV): Edit

Kuoh town is actually a pretty good place to live when you see it with normal eyes...

I mean, sure, this place is the home of Devils, Angels, fallen-Angels, Espers, grim reapers, badass Shinto Priests and priestesses, ninjas, werewolves, aliens, amazons, descendants of hysterical figures, youkais, magicians, witches, people with hybrid and special/divine lineages, people with sacred gears, people with holy/demon swords, people with hybrid and special/divine lineages with Sacred Gears, people with hybrid and special/divine lineages with demon/holy swords, people with hybrid and special/divine lineages with sacred gears and holy/demon swords, people with powers from other fandoms that don't make any sense in this universe, people who are actually divine and extra-dimensional existences which somehow knows about everything, people who are actually divine and extradimensional existences which somehow knows about everything with Hybrid and special/divine lineages with sacred gear and demon/holy swords and powers from other fandoms that don't make any sense in this universe, not to mention all the crossovers and expies we have to endure because some people are just too lazy to come up with something original...

But that aside, when you see the world from the point of view of someone normal, which I have the privilege to see it sometimes, Kuoh is a pretty good place to live...

Of all the places around here, possibly the most noticeable landmark would be Kuoh academy, the former all-girl, now Co-Ed school which, although not many people know, homes the legend of the previous Red Dragon Emperor, the hero of the underworld and Harem King to end all Harem Kings, Hyoudou Issei, my senpai.

But what's the point of a good and healthy city like Kuoh if the only point of interest is an old-fashioned school, no offense. Tokyo has Tōdai, but not because of that alone it's the capital of Japan. As such, Kuoh town has a pretty known history of trading business, and because of that, we can pretty much find and buy anything from any point of Japan here. Maybe that's why Lady Rias Gremory, a japanophile as only her, decided to make this town her place in the human world of all the districts in Japan... I mean, except around Kansai, because let's be honest, who wants to live there?(Kanto-oriented character.)

"I herd dat, lad! Wet 'till I drown Yu inn soy soos and ramen noodles, Kansai-style!"

And because of that same reason, we actually get a lot of discounts and sales about anything, specially snacks and confectionaries (Wagashi), since they tend to go bad... Real quickly. The reason I'm thinking this right now is because currently I'm in front of one of the several inter-regional stores around Kuoh, to buy some extra snacks for my mother and Lad-... Auntie Alice, who stopped by to visit us... Again.

Mom gave me a good'ol Yukichi-san, so I guess I can go wild and buy something from Saitama, which is said to be have the most delicious and well-prepared confectionaries in Japan. Maou forbid that I'll buy a cheap candy(Dagashi) and call it out to buy my Weekly Shounen Jump with the absurd change, and if mom really knows me, she believes me. It's not like I'll do just that and buy a video-game... Again.

Ignoring my completely nonsensical and untrue story, I stepped in that little fancy candy shop and being greeted by a cute little in a maid outfit. From here, I tried to find something that might appeal for my mom and her supernatural and pretty ladylike friends. I'm not buying some cheap candy to play with Sally-chan or Ginko-san, so I have to be care for what I choose. Maybe some fruits and stuffs? Or maybe a bunch of cheap candies? Daifuku? Manju? Saitama favorites? Or maybe be a little exotic and buy something from Okinawa? There are so many options really, it kinda makes the decision of picking just one the hardest, ironically.

Then, I saw it: like the first aurora of the day(Man, ren is right, I should drop the poetric classes before I become a walking shakespeare!), I saw it: Wooden black box, three stores of stuffed sweet goods and even a small colourful fan and a flower for Ikebana arrangements. A deluxe confectionary box! Yeah, that will probably satisfy those old devil ladies and mom! Not to mention, knowing my sisters and myself, there's enough wagashi for all of us for some good days. Let me see... Nothing much of 6,000 Yen. Huh, there's enough money to buy it, and maybe I can buy this week's Shounen Jump plus some things for the week. This is perfect!

However, when I was walking towards the said box, my hand began to burn a little. And not any kind of burn, but also in my left hand Only. What the hell? Is Boosted Gear reacting to someone nearby? Not even Divine Dividing reacted that bad against me, it's like it's trying to melt my hand! Y'know, I'll buy that stuff and see what the hell is causing all of th-...!




I extended my hand to reach that box of sweet, diabetes-indulcing treasures and jewels, and for a second, I thought I had it, but in a blink of eyes, I saw that my hand instead touched something else: A human hand. I looked towards that direction where the hand was coming from, and suddenly, I saw this tall, skinny, depressing-looking guy, probably a few years older than me, with black hair and eyes, which were pretty dull, but, i dunno, something tells me that this guy... Means trouble.

"Huh... So much councidence, and this position of our hands, it's like a cheap encounter in a cheap light novel, don't you think?"

"What the...?"

And that's how I met Itori Kazuma...

Life 2: Too many D's. Edit

Elizabeth's side: Edit

I love passing my time here around Kuoh city!

I mean, this place kinda is filled the supernatural, and more often than not, you come down stumbling upon some God or Devil that was around to watch some oppai club. Of course, being the battle-maniac like yours truly and my nii-chan Vali Lucifer, I can kick some ass to pass the time and have a blast, together with my Girlfriend(Jk.) Arthuria and the rest of my team, the Weiß team!

But not today. Crazy, isn't it? Today, I just want to walk around and appreciate the view around Kuoh and maybe buy some snacks. Dagashi, they call, right? They don't have much of those back home, so sometimes I pass around Using "Divine Dividing", the wings of light of the White Dragon Emperor, to fly around all the way to the nation of the Rising Sun and buy some stuff. It's not like they won't accept euros.

It's kinda funny because the author is both japanese and british...


"Whoa!" However, mid-flight, I felt something quite sinister. A chill ran down my spine, and an ominous sensation creeped all around my body. Was is this feeling, this sensation of dread and suffocation? Even fighting my everlasting Rival and his Boosted Gear, I didn't feel so insecure and vulnerable, such power...

Maybe... Maybe I'm IN LOVE!!


Oh, Arubin, are you in love too?


{Awkward moment aside, I don't think this feeling is actually Love, Elizabeth. In fact, is quite different. Huh, it has been a while since I last felt this, and to think I'd find this little sorehead of mine in this era and dimension...}

"Really, nii-chan?" I stopped my flight to focus on what Vali-niichan was talking about. I dunno what, but hearing nii-chan, the strongest Hakuryuukou who ever lived, having a 180º like that and turn all-out defensive is kinda freaking me out. "What kind of sorehead are you talking about?"

{Let's just say that, because of it, I own the monkey King a favor.} Oh...! That's kinda neat. {But let's forget about that for a moment, right now I'm feeling another thing that might take your interest. This presence is in Kuoh city, and very, very close to the Sekiryuutei right now. He must've feel that as well.}

"Oh, so Hajime's in trouble. Great! Now I can hit two birds with a stone. It has been a while since I last saw him, anyway."


"Of course I am! Besides, I want to see Hajime again; and maybe help him in some way. After all, he's my 友人ライバル!!" I said, hoping I got that japanese thing right, resuming my flight and going all the way to Kuoh city, where I was feeling this sense of dread, that by now was turning into excitment! I heard Nii-chan's laugh and Arubin's hum of expectation, as we took way for that direction!

Huhuhuh! The dragon eater and my deadly rival! I want to face that!

Ichijou's side: Edit


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