Heavens Blade 4

"Allow me to show you the might of the Heaven's Blade in my hands. As I send you to a one way trip to the Netherworld!"

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Why I joined the Khaos Brigade, you ask? ...You see my answer is simple, I just despise human beings...I always have and I always will. They're too easily corruptible, they're weak minded and frail creatures. Devils are just annoying beings who rely only on their status and strength. Angels are simpleminded beings who're lost without their creator. Fallen Angel are just filthy and pathetic crows who lost their way. And then there are the Gods who just sit by and won't strike fear into any of them, that's why I create a new one. So just die and save me the trouble, because it's only going to be a one-sided genocide.

–Xander's answer to the Three Leader of the Faction.

Xander Ambrosius
Xander Ambrosius
"The Mage God"
Kana クサンダー・アンブロシース
Romaji Kusanda Amburoshiisu
Race Human (Magician)
Nicknames The Mage God
Histories' Strongest Magician
The Ultimate Magician
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Red
Equipment Magic
Personal Status
Relatives Merlin Ambrosius (Ancestor)
Unnamed Parents †
Galahad Du Lac (Son)
Christian Ambrosius (Son)
Lancelot Du Lac (Grandson)
Asia Argento (Granddaughter)
Affiliations Ambrosius Family (Former Leader)
Khaos Brigade
Status Alive
Ranking SSS-Class Stray Magician

Xander Ambrosius is one of the major antagonists in The Magic Knight. He is the father of Galahad Du Lac and Christian Ambrosius, Xander is also the ex-husband of Elaine Du Lac. He is the former leader of the Ambrosius Family, before defecting to the Khaos Brigade, more specifically Qlippoth. Xander is known as the 'Strongest Magician'.


Despite his elderly age, Xander has the appearance of a young man with silver hair and red eyes, it is unknown how he was able to retain his young appearance. He is normally seen wearing royal Magician robes that signify his status as the highest grade of Magician. Most of the time, Xander has a sadistic smile on his face that usually sends shivers by the spines of those around him.


He acts in a sadistic and cruel manner towards those around him, speaking down to even the members of his family and even to his own allies. He also only sees those around him as nothing more than pieces that are placed on a board game and states that the lives of all the lower beings are nothing more than an annoyance to him. Xander has even acted cruelly towards his own grandson as seen when Xander drugged him and places Lancelot in a dangerous situation after waking up.

His cruelty even goes to commencing heinous experiments on orphaned children and people, that he states go beyond even the Holy Sword Project. Also according to Xander, he despises human, even the factions in the world; that includes Angels, Devils, Fallen Angels and even the Gods. He even states that he desires to completely eradicate every single one of them completely, which was the reason why he joined the Khaos Brigade.

Xander believes that a peaceful life is a boring life for a Magicians and a Mad Scientist like himself, so he seeks a world full of chaos. Aside from despises humans and other races, Xander like Evil Dragons more, since they are more honest and aren't afraid to do what they wish.


Xander is the only child of the former leader of the Ambrosius Family and his wife. As a child, Xander was viewed as a child prodigy and was exceedingly bright possibly surpassing the knowledge of most adult Master Magicians and being able to understand the world and everything in it. Like Christian, he was always reserved, though unlike him he showed no sign of compassion towards his family and secretly finding them to be annoying and a hindrance.

During his studying he began to dig deeper into the realm of forbidden magic and began to experiment on living creatures in utter secret, making sure that no one from the Ambrosius Family or the Magician Organization would find out. When he was in his late teens, he was approached by Rizevim Livan Lucifer and told him his plans involving Ophis, the Holy Grail and even 666 (Trihexa) and about the other world that Rizevim mentioned in their conversation. After hearing about the other world, Xander felt elated that there was another world that was different from the 'dull' world that he lived in.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Magic Cancel Barrier

Immense Magic Power: Even in his childhood, Xander possessed extremely high reserves of magic that were stated to be stronger than that of even the strongest high-class devil. Reaching adulthood he gained an insane amount of magic power that surpasses a satan-class devil and is possibly on the same level as Rizevim, a super devil. Just emitting it can push even the bravest warrior to despair.

Master Magician: He is immensely proficient in both all kinds of magic and magic-related topics; this caused him to be known as the Most Talent yet the Most Dangerous One in Existence with forbidden magic that can causes a calamity and spells that can control the forces of nature.

  • Magic Cancel (取消魔法マジックキャンセル, Torikeshi Mahō): This is a technique developed by Xander a lot similar to Rizevim Livan Lucifer's Sacred Gear Canceller; allowing him to form a multi-layer barrier that defends and nullifies all magic attacks aimed at him.

Master Technician: Being a Child Genius, Xander was already brilliant as a child he was capable of out thinking even experienced Magicians. As an adult Xander became known as an insanely brilliant man, being able to figure out his opponent's next move. And he's able to think several moves ahead of his enemies, even coming up with several countermeasures against them.

Master Inventor: After his years of research through the high-level magic books in his families' texts, he was able to easily understand the supernatural world. He even admitted to figuring out to create Holy Sword users without causing unnecessary deaths but was too bored with it. Even as a child, he conducted several experiments involving magic and living creatures. And has conducted several inhumane experiments, which he describes, "Making the Holy Sword Project, look like giving children a shot."

Unknown Modifications: After going through several inhuman experiments and research, he found several ways to increase the abilities of humans. And through unknown means, he was able to modify his body to the point where he was able to overpower five high-level Paladins and his own son, who were all viewed as the Strongest of their generation. He was also able to survive an attack from Elaine who entered her War God state and immediately stand up afterward.


  • Xander is classified as an SSS-Class Stray Magician. This is the highest rank and class for a Stay Magician, Devil, Fallen Angel and Exorcist or Knight.
  • Xander is considered extremely dangerous and wanted Dead. Those who go after him are extremely warned.

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