Show me you full strength. Prove to them that you can fight for what you believe. If you do I will lend you my power for we are who cant be killed.

–Hai-Riyo to Edward Risingsun

Romaji Yinglong
Race Dragon
Nicknames Responding Dragon
The Phoenix Dragon
The Blazing Dragon
The Reborn Dragon (Shared w/t Edward Risingsun)
Eye Color Gold
Equipment Unnamed Sacred Gear (Sealed)
Personal Status
Status Alive (Sealed inside unknown Sacred Gear)
Ranking Supreme Dragon

Hai-Riyo is a Supreme Dragon, he is known as the Responding Dragon or the Phoenix Dragon.


Yinglong has the appearance of a large red dragon with various bird like features.

Do to his shapeshifting abilities he likes to take the form of a young man, with spiky red hair and yellow eyes. While sporting a golden feathered garment with various unusual rings near the sleeves.


Yinglong is very reclusive individual, a trait that Edward Risingsun shares. making them a got pair. For a yet unknown reason he has a deep seated hatred towards the Phenex Clan.


At some point he was sealed with in a Sacred Gear with in Edward Risingsun.


Powers& AbilitiesEdit

Shapeshifting: Yinglong has the ability to shapeshift from her Dragon form into a human form.

Immense Strength: As a dragon he possesses great strength.

Dragon Flame: Like most Dragons, Yinglong has the ability to breathe fire. However, his flames are blue or in some cases white, depending on there intensity.

Outrage: As a dragon, he can enter a state in which his power increases dramatically when angered.

Magic: At one time Yinglong was known to use very primitive and powerful magic.

Curse: Yinglong is skilled in various types of curses, including those that deal damage oponents from afar,

  • Law of Similarity: Yinglong is able two link two objects together, in order to cause a certain change to one by altering another.
  • Law of Contagion: He can hurt or kill and individual by linking and object that was once in contact with the desired target.

Fire Manipulation: Yinglong is able to control fire and the intensity of the flames.

Self-Resurrection Yinglong can revive once self upon death, making him immortal.

Flight: Being A Dragon, Yinglong can fly using his wings.

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