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–Calamity Beast Yubelluna, in her delirium like scream to her master.




Race Reincarnated Devil (formerly)
Calamity Beast (Currently)
Nicknames The Bomb Queen
Miss Snakey (by Niki as Calamity Beast)
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Equipment Fire Magic
Personal Status
Affiliations Riser Phenex's Peerage(formerly)
Status Unknown
Ranking Low-class Devil (Formerly)
Queen (formerly)

Yubelluna is Riser's Queen and the strongest member of his peerage, also known as the Bomb Queen. until she got infected by Calamty Cell and permanently turned into Calamity Beast.


Yubelluna is a busty woman with long, wavy purple hair that falls all the way down her back and matching eyes. At the front, the right side of her hair falls over her breast and covers her right eye, while the left side falls near the top of her skirt.  Her attire is a dress consisting of a navy blue tunic top with gold accents and a pale blue skirt with open sides, and black shoes over matching thigh-high stockings with garterbelts. The top reveals much of her cleavage, and is held with a gold choker with blue and red jewels. Over this, she wears a white overcoat with black and gold accents and matching pauldrons. For accessories, she wears a black headband with a red-orange jewel over her forehead to keep her long hair in place, and wields a staff-like scepter in battle. For cosmetics, she wears purple lipstick, matching her eyes and hair. After become to Calamity Beast he turned intu grosteque serpentine form.

Personality Edit

In combat, Yubelluna is a cunning opponent but extremely submissive in Riser's presence. However after become Calamity Beast she lost all of his reasonings then turned into brutal monster and even don't know her master anymore. Despite still scream "Riser-sama!".


Not much is revealed about her past, only that at one point in time, she was reincarnated as a Devil by Riser.


Arc 2: Phoenix in Case of Calamity CellEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Demonic Power: As a Queen, Yubelluna possesses all the powers of a knight, rook, and bishop thus giving her enhanced speed, strength, defense, and magical power.

Fire Magic: Yubelluna excels in fire magic. She uses powerful fire magic from her wand or hand that looks like a bomb explosion when hitting the target. Her fire magic is shown to be powerful enough to eliminate both Koneko and Yuuto in one attack. 

Flight: Being a Devil, Yubelluna can fly using her wings. She lost this ability after turned into Calamity Beast

Trivia Edit

  • In the anime, Yubelluna was used by Riser to make Issei jealous, while in the manga and light novels, Riser uses Ile and Nel instead.
  • Yubelluna dislikes her nickname because of its bad taste.
  • In the anime, Yubelluna was shown to be able to fly without her Devil wings as opposed to the Light Novels where she had to use her Devil wings for flight.


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