Zack Dantalion
3. Bishops (2)
"Prince of Lightning"
Kana 扎克但他林
Romaji ザックダンタリオン
Race Reincarnated Devil
Nicknames "Prince of Lightning"
Hair Color White
Eye Color blue
Equipment Yo-Yos
Personal Status
Relatives Gray Dantalion(Adopted "Father")
Affiliations Kuoh Academy
Gray Dantalion's Peerage
Status Alive
Ranking Middle Class Devil

Zack Dantalion is Gray Dantalion's reincarnated devil bishop and his adopted younger brother. He attends Domino Academy in Domino City as a middle school student.

He is shown to be the smartest of all of Gray's peerage with a I.Q. of over 500. Like all the other members of Gray Dantalion's peerage he is a middle class devil despite his young age.


Is 13 years old with spiky blue hair with black outline, blue eyes, and he wears a double layered t-shirt with the longer one being blue and the second one yellow. He has white bandages wrapped around his hands, black and white track pants, and red and white gym shoes.


Hyperactive and excited, has a hard time paying attention but is a genius. He is able to outsmart both Ichiro and Aurora during their first rating game by setting up a series of traps. Zack is very impulsive and gets into fights caused by his strong emotions. He is very caring and overprotective of his peerage members. He supports his friends and tries to encourage and help them. Zack, despite his intelligence is shown to be clueless at times not understanding refrences and repeatedly forgetting things but despite this, he is able to connect with other people's feelings and help them. Zack is also shown to be immature, causing others to believe he is younger than he actually is.


His biological parents would use him to sell drugs when he was young and abused him repeatedly.. Gray found the young boy crying one day because he lost the money his parents gave him to buy drugs because some thugs stole it from him. Gray took him to the Dantalion mansion after reincarnating him into his bishop and legally adopted him in the human world.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Demonic Magic: Being a devil he is capable of demonic magic which is further enhanced by his bishop evil piece. He uses a wide range of different magic but has shown the ability to create Illusions that are far more realistic and stronger than Ichiro's during their first fight.

  • Zack also shows the ability to create balls of fire that he launched from his mouth to surprise his opponent.
  • Shadow Clones: Zack is capable of creating realistic like clones out of his demonic energy he can create hundreds in mere seconds and the clones are capable of physically damaging his opponents.

Dark Lightning: His strongest ability to create demonic lightning that, with enough charging up beforehand can be on par with Akeno's holy lightning. This type of lightning can be fatal to creatures of light like angels and fallen angel due to the power being demonic by nature.


Yo-Yos: channel his dark lightning through his two yo-yos making them deadly weapons