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Zane Vega
Kana ザネベガ
Romaji Zanei Bega
Race Human
Nicknames Smiling Monster
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Light Sword
Exorcist Gun
Personal Status
Affiliations The Church
Status Alive
Ranking Exorcist

Zane Vega (ザネベガ Zanei Bega) is an Exorcist from America who transferred to Japan. He is known among the Church as the "Smiling Monster".

He is a recurring character in Highschool DxD: Next.


Zane is an average height male with fair skin and a rather lean, yet durable physique. He has silver hair that falls to eyes, which are constantly narrowed to slits. His face is set in an almost constant smirk. Zane usually wears a light grey suit with a black shirt underneath which is open at the collar. He sports a yellow tie and black shoes. He carries the Light Sword and Exorcist Gun hooked to the back of his belt. They are easily concealed under his jacket and can be easily reached if he needs them in pinch.


Zane's personality can be summed up as "creepy" and "weird". With his smile and slitted eyes, he has a tendency to get under people's skin, whether its on purpose or not. He has a habit of being sarcastic and teasing his enemy in the middle of battle. He sometimes uses idle conversation and outward concern, though sarcastically, to distract his opponents to make mistakes.

Despite his nature, he is a loyalist to the Church and the teachings of God. Before his kills the evil creatures of the world, he will say a little prayer. Zane will give blessings to those you need it and has helped some to renew their faith.


Zane doesnt have many memories before his days in the Church. All he knows is that he's had the sense to know who are Devils and other evil creatures. The Church took note of this and brought him in. Since his earliest memory, Zane was going through rigorous training, all to fight evil. He was a genius when it came to this stuff, giving the Church the best possible results. Zane was leagues ahead of the others despite being much younger than them.

By his early to mid teens, Zane was already an Exorcist fighting evil out in the world. He was stationed in America , ridding it of the evil creatures that prey on the innocent. Every mission he was assigned got done with no problem. The constant success rate eventually gained him a reputation among the Church, and as such, he started getting the more dangerous missions that are reserved for veteran members.

He was being praised by the Church leaders, admired by the younger ones, and hated by veterans. Zane was recently transfered over to Japan to help with the Devils and Fallen Angels that took up root there.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Master Combatant: Zane is skilled in most forms of combat; from hand-to-hand to weapon use.

Master Swordsman: Zane is an extremely skilled swordsman, possessing powerful strikes with equally impressive speed behind them.

Expert Sharpshooter: Zane has incredible skill in using a gun. He has deadly accuracy and always hits his mark.

Enhanced Speed: Zane is faster than a normal human being. He can keep up with a Devil's Knight piece, who specialty is speed.

Enhance Durability & Stamina: Zane may not look it, but his body is quite durable. He can take a beating from a Devil and get back up to continue. He also has a large amount of stamina, allowing him to fight longer than normal humans.


Light Sword: One of the two primary weapons Zane uses. It creates a blade made out of light.

Exorcist Gun: One of the two primary weapons Zane uses. It shoots special light bullets that is extremely dangerous to Devils.


"In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti." - Gin's commonly used saying.


  • Most of him is based on Gin Ichimaru from Bleach

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