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This character, Zaphkiel, inserts itself on the canon timeline and makes history with canon characters. S/He is probably better than Issei, in more ways then one and may snag himself/herself a few of his well known girls as well.


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God's Knowledge
Kana ザフキエル
ザックオウエン (Alias)
Romaji Zafukieru (Katakana)
צפקיאל (Hebrew)
Zakku Ouen (Alias)
Race Angel
Nicknames Keeper of Knowledge
The Wises Angel in Heaven
Hair Color White
Eye Color Brown
Equipment Light-Based Weapons
Book of Knowledge
Personal Status
Relatives David Aaron (Ward)
Affiliations Heaven (Formerly)
Seraph (Formerly)
Forza Esterna
Status Alive
Ranking Seraph

Zaphkiel is an Angel and was one of the Seraphs of Heaven during the Great War and keeper of God's Knowledge. He later on went into hiding under God of the Bible's orders to protect his infant son and heir, David Aaron. Currently he is a member of the organization Forza Esterna under the name Zack Owen.




Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Immense Strength: As a former Seraph, Zaphkiel possesses Satan-class power. The fact that he was chosen by God of the Bible to watch over his son speaks highly of his strength. According to Michael, Zaphkiel's disappearance was a huge blow to Heaven's forces.

Enhanced Knowledge: Zaphkiel was known as "The Wises Angel in Heaven" due to his incredible intellect. During the Great War, his genius and strategies was a key factor in many of Heaven's victories and was an even greater assest than Zaphkiel's strength. His intellect puts him on par with Ajuka Beelzebub, who is well known for his incredible intelligence.

Master Magician: Along with his skills with light, Zaphkiel has shown an immense knowledge of magic and is quite proficient in it. He is usually seen creating powerful barriers for various purposes but mainly uses Angel and Holy Magic. He has also shown some skills with healing spells too.

Exorcism: Zaphkiel has shown incredible skills in exorcism. He can remove Satan-class curses from nearly any object or person as well as purifity evil spirits and free trapped souls so they can pass on and people who are being possessed. Azazel noted that in th Great War, he was greatly feared by Devils as many of them had their own souls extinguished by Zaphkiel.

Immense Light Weapon Skills: Like all Angels, Zaphkiel can create weapons of light to be used against his enemies, particular Devils. As a former Seraph, his weapons can easily kill Devils between Low-Class to Ultimate-Class and can use them as projectiles or as a staff for melee.

Flight: As an Angel, Zaphkiel can fly using his 10 white wings.


Book of Knowledge: It is an ancient text that holds all the knowledge of the world and its history. It also includes the names of every person born, as well as when they will die. The only beings excluded from the pages are other deities, Ophis and Great Red. God of the Bible entrusted Zaphkiel with this book and created a second copy for Michael to have. The major difference between this book and the one possessed by Michael, is that Zaphkiel's book holds the information of God's system and creation of the Sacred Gears and who will become the next wielders of which gear. Zaphkiel was instructed to give this to David when he was ready.

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