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The following is the list of the permanent members of Zenjirou Santouno's Peerage.

The King, Zenjirou Santouno, known as the Brass Dragon Conqueror, is a Primary Support-type and Secondary Power-type, wielding both Great Armament Sacred Gears: Equalize Equip and Destroyer Astra.

His Queen, Sylviana, is a Succubus, and a Primary Wizard-type and Secondary Support-type, able to use a variety of emotion altering spells.

His First Bishop, Atalanta Pyrene, formerly the Ring of Void, is a Primary Wizard-type and Secondary Power-type, able to use a wide range of highly complicated magic skills.

His Second Bishop, Louis Lamprey, is a Primary Support-type and Secondary Technique-type, using his Sacred Gear, Prism Geis to level any and all playing fields to his design.

His Knight, Serafina Rodriguez, formerly the Ring of Steel, is a Primary Technique-type and Secondary Power-type, wielding the Holy Swords, Tizona and Colada.

His Rook, Alasdair Ruthven, the last of the Vampiric Ruthven Clan, is a Primary Wizard-type and Secondary Support-type, and the last inheritor of the ability, Eye of Sodom.

His First Pawn, Caryoan Mammon, a member of the Extra Devils, is a Primary Support-type and Secondary Wizard-type, using his clan's signature ability, Name of Avarice.

His Second Pawn, Toraku, also called the Holy Sword of Fire Dyrnwyn, is a Primary Support-type and Secondary Technique-type, able to freely wield fire in both humanoid and sword forms.

Zenjirou Santouno (King) Edit

For a full description of Zenjirou Santouno, please click here.

Sylviana (Queen) Edit

Kana シルビアナー
Romaji Shirubianā
Race Reincarnated Devil

Former Cambion (Succubus/Human Hybrid)

Nicknames Sylvia

Sylviana d'Aurillac
Sylviana Aureliacensis
Sylviana Aurelia
Shibi-chan (by Akane)

Hair Color Lilac
Eye Color Amethyst
Personal Status
Relatives Pope Sylvester II (father) †

Meridiana (mother)

Affiliations Tekai Academy (First-Year Student)

Esotericism Club
Zenjirou Santouno's Peerage (Queen)

Status Alive
Ranking Low → Middle-class Devil


Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

History Edit

The only child born of the union between Pope Sylvester II (Gerbert of Aurillac) and his contracted demon/concubine, Meridiana. Born in Rome in the earliest years of the 11th century, Sylviana grew up in the Castello Sant'Angello out of the public sights to avoid being found. Her earliest memories were of searching the catacombs and the dark corridors of the fortress.

When her father passed away, he had left a written confession of his infidelity, even alluding to the true nature of her mother. Meridiana fled, having been forced to leave Sylviana behind. When the exorcists came to the castle and found her sleeping, they were shocked when their less horrific attempts at exorcism had little to no affect on the child. Believing either the child was human, or a demon with divine protection, she was left in the care of the church.

Growing up among other children who had no parents, Sylviana lived relatively unaware of her heritage, until she turned thirteen and her wings and tail started sprouting. Outcast as a demon, she hid in the ruins and beneath Rome itself. Unable to get the energy she required each day, she would often spend long durations of time in suspended animation while she slept.

Whenever she had the energy to stay awake, she would return to Rome as ages passed her by. She learnt many new skills and facts while able to and then returned to slumber. Centuries passed before her mother eventually returned around the reign of Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia). Meridiana began teaching her daughter how to sustain herself and to utilise her succubi qualities.

For the next centuries passing, Sylviana would meet and seduce men like any succubus would (using her magic to change between a younger and older forms), and then promptly vanish after a set amount of time.

Powers and Abilities Edit

High Demonic Power: Even before reincarnation, Sylviana was adept in a wide range and skill of demonic magics due to her longevity.

  • Enhanced Magic Ability: As a Queen Piece, her overall demonic powers and magic is enhanced through the power of the Bishop aspect of her Queen piece.
    • Dress Break (洋服崩壊ドレス・ブレイク, Doresu Bureiku): also known as Clothes Collapse. A spell inspired the one used by Issei Hyoudou. Dress Break has the ability to strip people of their clothing by touching the clothes by touching them and placing a magic circle upon them. Aside from clothing, it can also remove any magic covering the body as well.
    • Bilingual (乳語翻訳バイリンガル, Bairingaru): also known as Breat Translation. Another spell based on the one used by Issei Hyoudou. An area-effect spell that causes women's breasts to speak, revealing their thoughts and plans and allowing Issei and his allies to come up with counters or defenses.
  • Succubus Magic: As a succubus, Sulviana is well adept in a large variety of empathy manipulation magics, more commonly in one that affect love and affection levels.
    • Forbidden Infatuation (魂の誘惑フォービデン・インファチュエーション, Fōbiden Infachuēshon): also known as the Temptations of the Soul. A hallucination spell that affects the five senses with a powerful form of magic that takes the form of whatever the person targeted deeply desires. The spell immobilizes target's perception and even their consciousness if exposed for too long. The drawback is that people with such strong reserves against temptation or those who already have their deepest desires fulfilled are able to withstand the spell.
    • Shape-shifting: She has the ability to shape-shift from her usual Lolita form into a more mature "Onee-san" form.
    • Invisibility: Sylviana is able to make herself invisible as well as anything she touches as long as it's small enough for her to conceal. Getting splashed in mud or something else will also turn invisible, but changes in lighting will reveal the inordinarity in her form.
    • Energy Feeding: Due to her Succubus physiology, Sylviana requires physical contact with another being of the opposing sex in order to replenish her energy. Apparently, it is more effective if both of them are completely nude and sleeping next to each other. None of this is confirmed nor not confirmed to be entirely truthful.
      • Bouchujutsu (房中術): Sylviana claims to be a master at this technique, but has yet to show it as of yet.

Holy Resistance: As the child of Pope Sylvester II, Sylviana is largely unaffected by a lot of Holy objects

Enhanced Strength, Speed and Defense: As a Queen Piece, Sylviana possesses enhanced strength and endurance through the Rook trait of her Queen piece, but it's unknown how her physical prowess compares to an average rook. She also has the Knight speed enhancement through her Queen piece, but it again is unknown how it compares to an average knight.

Flight: Even before she became a devil, Sylviana could fly using her wings, which retract back into her body when not in use.

Memory Alteration: Sylviana has shown that she has skills in memory alteration.

Biligualism: Sylviana can speak Latin, Italian, Greek, Arahmaic, Hebrew and Sanskrit fluently. She is can learn languages quickly, showing her ability to easily pick up Japanese from listening to Akane's Peerage speaking to each other.

Atalanta Pyrene (Bishop) Edit

Atalanta Pyrene
Kana アタランタ・ピリネイ
Romaji Ataranta Pirinei
Race Reincarnated Devil

Former Human (Magician)

Nicknames Ring of Void

Atta-san (by Serafina)
Ata-tan (by Akane)

Hair Color Chocolate Brown
Eye Color Cascade Blue
Personal Status
Relatives Atlantes (Ancestor)
Affiliations Khaos Brigade (Formerly)

Nilrem (Formerly)
Five Rings Godai (Formerly)
Tekai Academy (Second-Year Student)
Esotericism Club
Zenjirou Santouno's Peerage (Bishop)

Status Alive
Ranking Low-class Devil


Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

History Edit

Orphaned since birth, Atalanta was left in the care of magicians of Nilrem, where she gre up and studied under their tutelage. 

Some time before the series, she was recurited by fellow Khaos Brigade member, Georgios Lydda to join his private group within the organisation, Five Rings Godai, as the "Ring of Void". She later met and became involved with fellow member, Serafina Rodriguez, the "Ring of Steel".

Powers and Abilities Edit

Expert Magician: Raised since birth by Nilrem, coupled with her heritage from the sorcerer Atlantes, Atalanta has very high magic reserves and is fully able to utilize it to the maximum of her abilities.

  • Void Magic: Atalanta is able to bend the physical plain into her chosen form more naturally than most magicians can. A trait she gained from her ancestry.
    • Dimension Break (世界の法則ディメンション・ブレイク, Dimenshon Bureiku): also known as the Laws of the World. A very high concentrated attack that bends the environment into any given shape and density, even shut off the effects of physics, like gravity or friction. Overuse of the spell can result in the affected areas being pernamently damaged and misshaped beyond repair.
    • Calm the Calamity (無制限のドレッドノートカーム・ザー・カラミティ, Kāmu zā Karamiti): also known as the Unlimited Dreadnought. A wide-range attack that bombards the field in a scatter shot that deafens all other sounds and blinds the field in rolling dust.
    • Beholder of God (刻の帝ビホールダー・オブ・ゴッド, Bihōrudā obu Goddo): also known as the Emperor of Time. The attack opens a dimension of shadows across the field and all enemies caught within it are paralyzed and slowly dragged downwards like they were stuck in quicksand. The attack can be used in smaller areas for greater effect and increased speed.
    • Arcane Anarchy (天気予報の勇者アーケイン・アナーキー, Ākein Anākī): also known as the Braves of the Weather Forecast. The sky is brought to a halt and an overcast shadows the sun; Lightning, Hail and Firestorms blanket the dark lands below. The attack is named after Akane's nickname, due to the similarities in abilities.

Demonic Power: Atalanta has all the powers and abilities common to Devils, including the power to cast spells. He has also shown some ability in crafting illusions and perform sneak attacks.

  • Enhanced Magic Ability: As a Bishop Piece, her overall demonic powers and natural magics are enhanced.

Flight: Before reincarnation, Atalanta could use magic to fly, like most magic beings that do not possess wings. As a devil, she now has the ability to fly with her wings, but chooses not to out of habit.

Louis Lamprey (Bishop) Edit

Louis Lamprey
Kana ルーイー・ランプリー
Romaji Rūī Ranpurī
Race Reincarnated Devil

Former Human

Nicknames The Shady Red Lamp


Hair Color Brown-Black
Eye Color Tyrian Purple (Normal)

Venetian Red (Sacred Gear) Egyptian Blue (Balance Break)

Equipment Prism Geis
Personal Status
Relatives Carlo Lamprey (Father) †

Mariana Lamprey (Mother) †
Ulysses Lamprey (Oldest Brother) †
Shamsel Lamprey (Older Brother)
Jennifair Lamprey (Oldest Sister) †
Corrine Lamprey (Older Sister)
Claude Lamprey (Older Brother) †
Gaston and Paulo Lamprey (Older Brothers) †
Mariette Lamprey (Older Sister)
Jolie Lamprey (Younger Sister) †
Eugenia Lamprey (Younger Sister) †
Laurette Lamprey (Younger Sister)
Caterine Lamprey (Younger Sister) †
Noemie Lamprey (Youngest Sister)
Vincens Lamprey (Uncle) †

Affiliations House of Lamprey

Tekai Academy (Third-Year Student)
Esotericism Club
Zenjirou Santouno's Peerage (Bishop)

Status Alive
Ranking Prince (Formerly)

Low-class Devil

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

History Edit

Born the ninth child of Carlo and Mariana Lamprey, Louis (full name: Louis François Victoir Grimaldi Lamprey) is a descendant of the Sovereign Princes of Monaco, but lived in Nice with the rest of his family. 

At the age of ten, his family was targetted by a terrorist bombing, which killed his parents, his uncle Vincens, and most of his siblings. His brother Shamsel started working in the goverment bureau and his sisters Corrine and Marriette went into the military, leaving Louis to take care of his younger siblings.

After seven years had passed, Louis was given a scholarship to attend a boarding school in Japan.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Demonic Power: Louis has all the powers and abilities common to Devils, including the power to cast spells. He has also shown some ability in crafting illusions and perform sneak attacks.

  • Enhanced Magic Ability: As a Bishop Piece, his overall demonic powers and natural magics are enhanced.

High Intelligence: Louis is prodigy and as such has a very high IQ, able to memorize a single page word for word after only reading through it once.

  • Master Tactician: Louis's true strength is his intelligence and an unparalleled skill in strategy making, which allows him to coordinate the peerage to their great effect. He has proven that she is an excellent strategist.

Flight: As a Devil, Louis can fly using his devil wings.

Equipment Edit

Prism Geis (絶対悪夢の防衛プリズム・ゲーイズ, Purizumu Gēizu): also known as the Absolute Nightmare's Defense. It takes the form of a floating keyboard with several hexagon shaped keys. By sacrificing a given ability (sight, smell, movement, perception, etc.), Louis is able to conjure a set of giant clear hexagon shaped prisms and arrange them in way and anywhere he wants them. The prisms can be used as obstructions, projectiles, or even as platforms and shields. The longer they are used, the more abilities he has to sacrifice to keep them in use. He can reset the Sacred Gear with the phrase, [Code Black], in order to regain his lost abilities. He often gives up his perception of colours, which causes his eyes to turn red.

  • Back to Zero (黒騎士の完璧な光景バック・ツウ・ゼロ, Bakku tsū Zero): also known as the Black Knight's Perfect Vision. His eyes turn blue and removes the geis set upon his senses. All prisms disengage and reform into large ghost-like black mirage. He can use it to attack enemies and shield himself from harm.

Serafina Rodriguez (Knight) Edit

Serafina Rodriguez
Kana セラフィーナ・ロドリーゲス
Romaji Serafīna Rodorīgesu
Race Reincarnated Devil

Former Human

Nicknames Ring of Steel

The Dual Wielder
Blue Swordswoman
Sera-chan (by Atalanta and Akane)

Hair Color Golden Blonde
Eye Color Royal Blue
Equipment Tizona

Bucar (Formerly)

Personal Status
Relatives El Cid (Ancestor)
Affiliations Khaos Brigade (Formerly)

Hero Faction (Formerly)
Five Rings Godai (Formerly)
Tekai Academy (Second-Year Student)
Esotericism Club
Zenjirou Santouno's Peerage (Knight)

Status Alive
Ranking Low-class Devil


Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

History Edit

Serafina doesn't remember much about when she was young. She remembers having parents, but being taken from them from an early age and never seeing them again.

It was a trip to the Museo de Burgos, where she first laid eyes on the sword of her ancestor, Tizona. The blade naturally called to her and she broke the glass to hold it in her hands. When the report was made directly to the Spanish branch of the Vatican, she was seized by the chief exorcists so that she could be trained to use Tizona.

After training for several years (five to eight), she found her self in the vaults beneath St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome where she was drawn to a shield that had been locked away for centuries. Bucar. She opened the vault, only to be met with a violent gust of energy that tried to force her away, but she fought back and grabbed the shield and claimed it as her own.

At the age of fourteen, the Hero Faction attacked and defeated the exorcists that had been holding her prisoner. Due to her heritage, she was offered a place among their ranks, in return for fighting dangerous beings on any side of any faction.

Sometime between then and present day, she retrieved her ancestor's second sword, Colada from the Royal Palace in Madrid.

Some time before the series, she was recruited by fellow Khaos Brigade member, Georgios Lydda to join his private group within the organisation, Five Rings Godai, as the "Ring of Steel". She later met and became involved with fellow member, Atalanta Pyrene, the "Ring of Void".

Powers and Abilities Edit

Natural-born Holy Sword Wielder: Serafina is a natural born Holy Sword wielder and is able to wield any Holy Sword without artificial means.

Demonic Power: Serafina has all the powers and abilities common to Devils, including the power to cast spells. He has also shown some ability in crafting illusions and perform sneak attacks.

Exorcist Skills: Due to being under tutelage at an early age, Serafina is an extremely powerful exorcist, being able to slay powerful Devils relying solely on her own skills.

Master Swordswoman: Serafina is skilled with swords and prefers to dual wield her two ancestral blades.

Enhanced Speed: Serafina has superhuman speed due to the influence of her Knight Piece

Flight: Being a Devil, Serafina can fly using her wings.

Equipment Edit

Tizona (ティゾナ): The first sword of El Cid, sometimes dubbed the Burning Holy Sword. Crafted in the image of Uriel's flaming sword, Tizona was carried from battle to battle by its wielder until his death. It has slight pyrokinetic abilities.

Colada (コラダー): The second sword of El Cid, dubbed the Holy Sword of Impurities, able to cleanse objects that have been affected with demonic magic with ease.

Bucar (ブーカー): A shield emblazoned with the image of a golden dragon, belonging originally to El Cid. Serafina later ceded it to Zenjirou after his Scared Gears had assimilated the shield accidentally, proving to be able to use it to better affect then she could.

Alasdair Ruthven (Rook) Edit

Alasdair Ruthven
Kana アラスデア・リブン
Romaji Arasudea Ribun
Race Reincarnated Devil

Former Dhamphir

Nicknames Lord Ruthven

The Halo Giaour
The King of Salt
The Second Trumpet
Aru-bou (by Akane)

Hair Color Black-Faded Grey Gradient
Eye Color Cream-Mellow Yellow

Blood Red (after consumption)

Equipment Cavalry Sabre
Personal Status
Relatives Lord Uilleam Ruthven (Father)

Clarimonde (Mother)

Affiliations Ruthven Clan (Leader)

Alkahest (Co-Leader, Tria Prima)
Zenjirou Santouno's Peerage (Rook)

Status Alive
Ranking Giaour

Tria Prima
Low-class Devil

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

History Edit

The only child and heir of the late Lord Uilleam Ruthven and his dhamphir concubine Clarimonde (which makes Alasdair 3/4 vampire as apposed to the usual 1/2 in most dhamphirs). His birth and conception was part of an experiment in order to breed a vampire heir who would be born with human strengths that would counter their clans natural weakness. However due to this, as well as the similar actions done by the Varney and Thalaba clans, which lead to their respective exiles by the now deceased Dracul Clan. Even after the deaths of the old Vampiric Kings, the Carmilla and Țepeș clans still wouldn't revoke their exile.

After his father's death, Alasdair took control of the clan as the strongest of his father's descendants, as well as remaining one of the Tria Prima of Alkahest, alongside Crispin Varney and Ophelia Thalaba. Due to their independent actions to the main Vampire bunds, all three bear the title "Giaour" (Turkish: Infidel), which are worn like titles of honour for the clan heads of Ruthven who control Salt, Varney who control Sulfur, and Thalaba who control Mercury.

Due to his clans location of exile in Scotland, he has often gone into conflict with the Giants who inhabit the lands and often meet each other on equal ground due to their tremendous size and inability to be reduced to salt easily. There is an uneasy truce at the moment between himself and King Benandonner.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Vampire Powers: Being a Dhamphir as well as one with rare Vampire abilities, Alasdair has the ability to control bats and wolves, usually using them for surveillance. He can also manipulate shadows and darkness.

Daywalker: Due to being Dhamphir, Alasdair is also a Daywalker, allowing him to survive contact with sunlight.

Halokinesis: The hereditary ability of the Ruthven Clan, which allows him to control salt in all shapes and form.

  • Eye of Sodom (荒廃の腐敗柱アイ・オブ・ソドム, Ai obu Sodomu), also known as The Crumbling Pillars of Desolation. Initially believed to be a Sacred Gear akin to Forbidden Balor View, was actually discovered to be a stronger form of his already potent ability to manipulate salt. With this ability he is able to turn any in inanimate object into salt by touching it, and even has the potential to turn living beings into salt by staring directly "into their souls".

Alchemy: As a member of Alkahest, he is a studied practitioner of Alchemy and can infuse magic into the most basic of elements and use them to his advantage.

Enhanced Strength and Defense: Alasdair boasts a lot of physical strength and defense, a standard of the Rook. He can use this strength to lift heavy objects with ease and use them as projectiles or punch through hard materials such as metal. With his defense, enemy attacks have been known to bounce right off of him, including light-based weapons that would seriously wound or kill a regular Devil or Vampire.

Flight: Before reincarnation, Alasdair could simply transform part of his back into bat wings in order to fly. As a Devil, Alasdair can use his natural wings to do so.

Caryoan Mammon (Pawn x6, Mutation Pieces) Edit

Caryoan Mammon
Kana キャリーオーエン・マモン
Romaji Kyarīōen Mamon
Race Pure-Blooded Devil
Nicknames Agent Orange

Kari-san (by Akane)

Hair Color Teal
Eye Color Orange
Equipment Jokulsnaut
Personal Status
Relatives Seiberd Mammon (Father)

Justina Mammon (Mother)

Affiliations Mammon Clan

Extra Demons
Tekai Academy (Third-Year Student)
Esotericism Club
Akane Naberius' Peerage (Pawn)

Status Alive
Ranking Middle-class Devil

Pawn (Mutation)

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

History Edit

The only child of Seiberd and Justina Mammon, born into the Extra Demon Clan of Mammon, who served under the Amon Clan.

He became childhood friends with Pheyor Bael-Zephon, who was also part of the Extra Devils, but after discovering the Demonic Sword, Ensismors, their friendship became strained and later deteriorated.

He later came in possession of the Demonic Sword, Jokulsnaut.

Powers and Abilities Edit

High Demonic Power: Caryoan has all the common skills and powers of a Devil. He is also shown to be at least somewhat proficient in the use of spells, creating images, healing, teleportation by magic circle, and others.

  • Name of Avarice (橙の光に執着ネーム・オブ・アヴリス, Nēmu obu Avurisu): also called the Obsession to the Orange Light. The signature spell of the Mammon Clan, which causes a psychological obsessions towards a certain target. The magic can be used to draw, to distract or even to repel an enemy from the target.

Promotion: Being a Pawn, Caryoan can use promotion to temporarily gain the traits of a Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop.

Flight: Being a Devil, Caryoan can fly using his wings.

Equipment Edit

  • Jokulsnaut (ヨカルスノート): Caryoan's demonic sword. Apart from its ability to channel devil magic, the sword doesn't have a lot of properties.

Toraku (Pawn x2, Mutation Pieces) Edit

Kana トラク
Romaji Toraku
Race Reincarnated Devil


Nicknames Dyrnwn (Offical Name)

Holy Sword of Fire (Title)
Torri-Llfan-Chwifiodd (Shortened)
Toraku Santouno (Registered)
Tora-imouto (by Akane)

Hair Color Platinium Blonde with Streaks of Red, Orange and Yellows
Eye Color Vermillion Orange
Personal Status
Relatives Goibniu (Creator)

Rhydderch Hael (Original Wielder)
Zenjirou Santouno (Current Wielder, King)

Affiliations Rhyddrech Hael (Former Sword)

Zenjirou Santouno (Current Sword)
Zenjirou Santouno's Peerage (Pawn)

Status Alive
Ranking Holy Sword

Low-class Devil

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

History Edit

Forged in pre-legendary Annwyn across the sea among the Blessed Isle, the sword that would later bear the name "Dyrnwyn" (Welsh: White Hilt) was created by the master blacksmith of the Celtic Gods, Goibniu (or Gobannus), who built the sword with the intent of only allowing those of noble worth (as opposed to royal blood) could wield or even hold the sword much less draw it from it's sheath.

The first and only known proficient wielder, King Rhydderch of Strathclyde, who fought countless wars with the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Bernicia, who would use the sword to its full potential, allowing the blade to burst into full flame. He was also known to allow his commanders to use the sword as well, earning him the name "Hael" (Welsh: the Generous), but would often have his intentions mistaken after many of his followers burnt their hands on the blade. Rydderch eventually died, having remained untouched by battle and was buried with the blade until the sword would find another wielder.

Though many centuries passed and no one would uncover the blade for fear of being engulfed in flames, it was eventually moved from Rhydderch's resting place and left inside a tomb beneath a rocking stone in Renfrewshire. It wouldn't be until 1400 years later when Zenjirou Santouno (at the time a free Queen piece) along with two future members of his peerage Atalanta Pyrene and Serafina Rodriguez went looking for the blade and pulled from its isolation.

Zenjirou would continue to wield it throughout his rating games, and even when his motivation drifted off course (which would cause the blade to heat in his hands), the amount of dracofication done to his body had reached the point of making him largely indifferent to fire and heat.

When he finally rejoined Akane Naberius' peerage, Zenjirou intended to cease using the sword due to the potential dangers it held, only to be surprised when the weapon evolved into a Tsukumogami and took in his two remaining pawn pieces. Now with a sentience of its own and the will to continue serving under Zenjirou as both a pawn and a sword, Zenjirou tried to give her a name (while having a feminine appearance, she has no officially assigned sex). After several trials and errors, Zenjirou decided to call her "Toraku" by taking the first syllables of words from her true name.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Magic Proficiency: Being a Devil, Toraku has the common powers of a Devil, and even before was capable of a little magic due to being a Holy Sword.

Pyrokinesis: As accordance to her title "the Holy Sword of Fire", Toraku is adept in multiple ways to manipulate fire, even allowing her to produce flames of her own will even as a sword.

Weapon Transmutation: As a Tsukumogami, she is still a sword and can easily switch between her blade and human forms as will, or can be forced to by Zenjirou by reciting out her true name. Due to this condition, she can only be permanently destroyed in her sword form.

  • Metal Physiology: She is able to transmutate her skin to have the hardness of metal in order to protect herself.
  • Sword Edge Cutting: She is able to transmutate the tips and edges of her limbs in order to display the same sharpness she has when in sword form.
  • Holy Weapon: As a Holy Sword, just touching her blade is painful to devils and vampires.

Promotion: As a Pawn, Toraku can use promotion to temporarily gain the traits of a Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop.

  • Dyrnwyn Distryw (破壊の燃戦車剣ディルンウィン・ディストリウー, Dirunuin Disutoriū): also known as the Blazing Rook Sword of Destruction. Unleashing the power of the Rook piece in her sword form, Toraku can unleash a wave of pure destructive power that can easily shatter anything she comes into contact with, leaving nothing but a large crater in the ground.
    • Dyrnwyn Ddynwared (擬態の燃士車剣ディルンウィン・ジヌアレッド, Dirunuin Jinuareddo): also known as the Blazing Knight-Rook Sword of Mimicry. Unleashing the combined power of the Rook and Knight pieces in her sword form, Toraku can match attacks blow-for-blow by transforming itself as her wielder's desires to copy the sword style of her foe.
  • Dyrnwyn Rhwyddhynt (天閃の燃騎士剣ディルンウィン・ルーイズイント, Dirunuin Rūizuinto): also known as the Blazing Knight Sword of Godspeed. Unleashing the power of the Knight piece in her sword form, Toraku can grant both the wielder and the blade enhanced speed.
    • Dyrnwyn Hunllefau (夢幻の燃僧士剣ディルンウィン・ハンレボー, Dirunuin Hanrebō): also known as the Blazing Bishop-Knight Sword of Dreams. Unleashing the combined power of the Knight and Bishop pieces in her sword form, Toraku can allows her wielder to cast illusions and after images of themselves and even lay traps for their enemies.
  • Dyrnwyn Tryloywder (透明の燃僧侶剣ディルンウィン・トリロイユーダー, Dirunuin Toriroiyūdā): also known as the Blazing Bishop Sword of Transparency. Unleashing the power of the Bishop piece in her sword form, Toraku can allows the blade and her wielder to become invisible and repel or phase through incoming attacks.
    • Dyrnwyn Bendithion (祝福の燃僧車剣ディルンウィン・ベンディシオン, Dirunuin Bendishion): also known as the Blazing Bishop-Rook Sword of Blessing. Unleashing the combined power of the Bishop and Rook pieces in her sword form, Toraku can radiate the aura of her wielder through the blade in order to enhance both physical and magical attack and defence against their opponents.
      • Dyrnwyn Ymerawdwr (支配の燃女王剣ディルンウィン・イマーローダー, Dirunuin Imārōdā): also known as the Blazing Queen Sword of Control. Unleashing the full power of the Queen piece in her sword form, Toraku can literally control her environment by striking it into the ground, causing her power to channel all through the battle and combust.

Flight: Being a Devil, Toraku can fly using her wings.

Trivia Edit

  • Each member of Zenjirou's peerage corresponds with a particular deadly sin:
    • Lust: (Sylviana, as a succubus by nature).
    • Gluttony: (Atalanta, due to her unhealthy obsession with learning more about magic).
    • Greed: (Caryoan, who's clan ability is based on greed).
    • Sloth: (Louis, since his Sacred Gear requires him to do very little physical work).
    • Wrath: (Zenjirou, who is infamous for his continual willing use of Juggernaut Drive).
    • Envy: (Serafina, since she lacked a real childhood after being forced into employment by the Vatican as an exorcist).
    • Pride: (Alasdair, who retains a position as his clan head despite being shunned by others of his race).
      • Toraku is the exception, since she usually takes the form of a sword and rarely interacts with the rest of the peerage, but this could correspond with Acedia (a historical sin), due to her overall lax nature.
      • Amurokros, who is technically part of the peerage only by association as the spirit in Zenjirou's Sacred Gear, represents Vainglory (another historical sin), due to his overall proud nature as an Evil Dragon.

Sylviana Edit

  • Syliviana is based on Maeve from "Mark of the Succubus", with further inspiration drawn from Maria Naruse from "Shinmai Maō no Tesutamento" (The Testament of Sister New Devil), Kurumu Kurono from "Rosario+Vampire", and Lilu from "Maou no Hajimekata" (How to get started as a Devil King).
  • Her given name, "Sylviana", is derived from Latin "Silvia" ("forest") and "-iana" (from Latin "-āna" ("of the").
    • It is also based on the assumed name of her father, Pope Sylvester II (born, Gerbert of Aurillac)

Atalanta Edit

  • Atalanta is based on Rin Tosaka from the "Fate/stay night" series.
  • Her given name, "Atalanta", is a Greek name derived from Ancient Greek "Αταλάντη" ‎(Atalántē, “balanced”), from "ἀ-" ‎(a-, “used to express unity”) + "τάλαντον" ‎(tálanton, “balanced”).
    • Her name alludes to that of her ancestor, Atlantes.
  • Her surname, "Pyrene", is another Greek name derived from Ancient Greek "πυρήν" ‎(purḗn, “fruit stone”).

Louis Edit

  • Louis is based on Lelouch Lamperouge (Lelouch vi Brittania / Zero) from "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion".
    • His nickname, "The Shady Red Lamp" (French: Le Lampe Rouge Louche) is based on etymology of his name.
    • His family members are also based on characters from the same series:
  • His given name, "Louis", is a French name derived from Latin "Ludovicus", from Frankish, "Hlūdawīg", from Proto-Germanic "Hlūdawīgą" ‎(“loud war”)
  • His surname, "Lamprey", is derived from Middle English "laumprei", adopted from Old French "lampreie" (Modern lamproie), from Medieval Latin "lampreda", possibly from Late Latin "lampetra", from a combination of lambō ‎("lick") + petra ‎("stone").
    • A lamprey is a name given to any long slender primitive eel-like freshwater and saltwater fish.

Serafina Edit

  • Serafina is based on Saber (Arturia Pendragon) from the "Fate/stay night" series.
  • Her given name, "Serafina", is a Spanish name derived from Late Latin "Seraphina", name of obscure early martyrs, from biblical seraphim.
  • Her surname, "Rodriguez", is a Hispanic surname derived from Spanish "Rodrigo" (from Proto-Germanic "hrōþiz" (“fame”) + from Proto-Germanic "rīks" (“ruler”)) and ‎ "-ez" (rom the Latin genitive suffix -icī, from -icus, meaning "son of-").

Alasdair Edit

  • Alasdair is based on Yuuichirou Hyakuya from "Seraph of the End".
    • His title and Halokinesis are based on his Seraph form "The King of Salt".
  • His given name, "Alasdair" is a Scot-Gaelic name (English form: Alastair) derived from Old Irish "Alaxander", from Latin "Alexander", from Ancient Greek "Aléxandros" (from ἀλέξω ‎(aléxō, "I defend") + ἀνδρός ‎(andrós, "man")).
  • His surname, "Ruthven" is the Anglicized form of the Gaelic "Ruadhainn", which derives from the Old Irish "Rúadán" (from ruadh ‎("red, auburn") +‎ the male name suffix "-án").
    • His last name is derived from "Lord Ruthven" from John William Polidori's "The Vampyre".
      • The publication date (1819) surpasses the more well known "Carmilla" (1872) and "Dracula" (1897) novels, and is considered the first successful story about vampirism.

Caryoan Edit

  • Caryoan's name is derieved from three characters from the Digimon series; Hirokazu Shiota, Ryo Akiyama, and Kenta Kitagawa from "Digimon Tamers".
    • His father's name, "Seiberd", is based on the character, Cyberdramon.
    • His mother's name, "Justina", is based on the character, Justimon.
  • In demonology, Mammon is mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible, meaning money or material wealth and is associated with the greedy pursuit of gain. In the Middle Ages he was often personified as a deity and sometimes included in the seven princes of Hell.

Toraku Edit

  • Toraku is primarily based on Lailah from "Tales of Zestiria", but also draws inspiration from Lizlet L. Chelsie from "Omamori Himari", Terminus Est and Restia Ashdoll from "Blade Dance of the Elementalers", and from the multiple Shinki from "Noragami".
  • Her given name "Toraku" is a shortened Japanised corruption of the welsh words "torri llfan chwifiodd" (トリー・ルバン・クィビアズTo rii - Ra ban - Ku i bi a zu, Broken Blade Brandished).
    • Her true name is Nid-Yw-Pob-Sydd-Wedi-Syrthio-Yn-Cael-Eu-Gorchfygodd-Efallai-Y-Brenin-Eto-Fod-Heb-Goron-Mae-Llafn-Sydd-Wedi-Torri-Yn-Cael-Ei-Chwifiodd-Ac-Efallai-Y-Tyrau-A-Oedd-Yn-Gryf-Yn-Disgyn-I-Lawr, which is derived from J.R.R.Tolkien's original second verse for his poem "All that is gold does not glitter".
    • The original translation is as followed:
"Not all that have fallen are vanquished;
a king may yet be without crown,
A blade that was broken be brandished;
and towers that were strong may fall down."

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